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Aesthetician & Career Changers

526 of 1909

My experience was much better than I could have ever imagined! Lasers are the latest and greatest. Great spa setting!

Jeanne Gartner 526 of 1909
527 of 1909

For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve done something right for myself. I had the time of my life!


Carmen Torres 527 of 1909
528 of 1909

I enjoyed and learned so much. It is also really nice to make new friends!


Adriana Bejarano 528 of 1909
529 of 1909

Everything was great! I feel fully confident to start working in this field with the amount of information I learned here!


Stephanie Nemec 529 of 1909
530 of 1909

Professional and excellent teaching style for the comprehensive course. Excellent role models.

Cural Vurchalen 530 of 1909
531 of 1909

Loved the school. It was so amazing and fun. I learned so much and the instructors were fantastic as was the wealth of knowledge I gained!


Kit McCain 531 of 1909
532 of 1909

Very informative—an abundance of useful information! You really gain a very good knowledge base and technique. It’s not an average school. They really know the laser industry and are willing to teach you and go out of their way to make sure you understand and get what you came here for!


Doris Holguin 532 of 1909
533 of 1909

The teachers here are all so knowledgeable! They seriously know their stuff about everyone here. I feel very confident after coming here. It’s a great environment to learn from.


Megan Rence Lysenko 533 of 1909
534 of 1909

I really enjoyed my education experience with National Laser Institute. Everyone made me feel welcomed and that I deserved to be here. I will take what I learned and make the most out of this wonderful industry. I’m going to “get my piece of pie.” Thank you! You all are good at what you do. Strategically placed to perfection. Amazing experience!


Kiliemah Lane 534 of 1909
535 of 1909

The National Laser Institute is where my laser dreams were brought to reality. I wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else because they are so reputable and hands-on. They made me love lasers even more and added a highlight to my career.


Dell King 535 of 1909
536 of 1909

I am so appreciative for this opportunity. This school has such a professional and high level of instruction, which I found beneficial.


Valeria Cestari 536 of 1909
537 of 1909

National Laser Institute is amazing! The instructors were not only outstanding and knowledgeable, but genuinely amazing people I have learned so much and will always remember my incredible experience. I am ready for the medical aesthetics world!


McKenzi Haymond 537 of 1909
538 of 1909

I enjoyed every minute of this course!


Oksana Maikisch 538 of 1909
539 of 1909

I feel like I got the best training from the best instructors that I could have possibly had. It was a great experience. I loved every minute I was here.

Natalie Delong 539 of 1909
540 of 1909

My time at National Laser Institute was wonderful! 14 days seems like a long time but thanks to the instructors, I looked forward to class every day! I would definitely come to school here again. What a great environment! I would love to work here someday.


Sarah Ridley 540 of 1909

Medical Professionals

526 of 692

Great experience.

Brandi Moore, NMD 526 of 692
527 of 692

Excited to put my newly learned skills to use ASAP.

Theresa Hallock, RN 527 of 692
528 of 692

Instruction was given by qualified educated nurses and doctors who were positive and supportive of bringing new nurses into the industry.

Heather Hughes, RN 528 of 692
529 of 692


Casara King, RN 529 of 692
530 of 692

It was a great weekend! I learned so much. There is nothing better than hands-on training and Dr. Hooker was amazing!

Fadra Huntingford, RN 530 of 692
531 of 692

Great experience. Good practice on live patients.

Lindsey Bayer, DO 531 of 692
532 of 692

Loved my experience here! Definitely felt comfortable after taking this class.

Kaylani Ili, RN 532 of 692
533 of 692

Great experience, instructors all have super experience. Wonderful hands-on experience.

Joan Ili, RN 533 of 692
534 of 692

I will definitely be returning!

Heidi Jackson, PA/NP 534 of 692
535 of 692

Anyone interested in doing injectables and or laser, should take this class, even if they have done classes in the past!

Sherri Graham, LPN/LVN 535 of 692
536 of 692

I came for laser certification 11 years ago in 2008 and it really changed my aesthetic career. When I graduated nursing school last month I already knew this is where I would go to learn injectables.

Trisha Horvath, RN 536 of 692
537 of 692

I feel so much more knowledgeable and comfortable with Botox and fillers. Instructors were great and so helpful!

Jennifer Nagy, RN 537 of 692
538 of 692

I'm a returning student, so that fact alone should say volumes about the quality of the training NLI provides. Every instructor I've worked with has been outstanding and brought their own experience and tips to our class. I have recommended NLI to both customers and other prospective students over the years and I look forward to when I can attend some other classes offered.

Suzanne Tucker, BSN MS RN 538 of 692
539 of 692

Very educational and informative. Learned useable techniques for PRP Micro and PRP. Very knowledgeable instructors.

Windy Busher, LPN 539 of 692
540 of 692

The real life training and the hands-on experience quickly educated me and improved my comfort level to feel competent to start practicing in the real world.

Rebecca Diaz, MD 540 of 692