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National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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National Laser Institute in Dallas was an awesome experience! The instructors were all amazing. The front desk ladies are so welcoming. I learned a lot and felt confident to go out and start working in the field. Shelly is a wonderful and dedicated manager. She makes everything run so smooth!


Marlene Youssef 556 of 1703
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I had the most amazing experience. All the instructors and staff were so wonderful and helpful. All the instructors were really concerned about our education and careers. Would return and recommend to anyone!

Michelle Winders 557 of 1703
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I was really nervous when researching schools online, but I was so thrilled with my choice in National Laser Institute. Everyone is so positive and passionate with knowledge about lasers. The positive energy here is unbelievable and contagious that I am actually sad to leave everyone behind!


Beverly Scida 558 of 1703
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I couldn’t be happier with coming here! Excellent and highly knowledgeable instructors and staff. This training and hands-on experience truly helped me feel more confident with my future laser esthetics career!


Lee Aaron Villarreal 559 of 1703
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I loved National Laser Institute! It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this line of work. I’m glad I chose this school over all the others.


Amber Hahn 560 of 1703
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National Laser Institute was very helpful in helping me know what direction to go with the aesthetic laser industry. I feel that I am prepared to work in this field and am confident to use my newly learned skill.

Joseph Nielsen 561 of 1703
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NLI instructors are the best in the industry. They provide support in all aspects to help you become confident while preparing you for an exciting career.


Kathy Harding 562 of 1703
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From the very first day I felt very welcome from everybody. Not only do they teach, but they make sure that you understand what you are learning! Everyone question is important. They also offer their services post school, so you don’t have to feel like you’re alone. You can call them anytime with questions!


Elizabeth Evensen 563 of 1703
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My experience was very great! Not only did I meet new people/friends, but the instructors were so helpful and gave me hope and a positive outlook on the industry. I am so happy I chose to attend NLI, and I'm grateful for the opportunity and help I've received to help me on my own journey!

Kara Kelley 564 of 1703
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National Laser Institute is an institute I will recommend to friends, family—anyone who wants to change their career or step up in the beauty industry. You guys are detailed, organized, and very professional.


Mary Anne Olyouno 565 of 1703
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Great clinical and lecture time! The staff and teachers were both great—very well-informed!

Anna Martinez 566 of 1703
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I've never met such an intact, compassionate group of people. The staff and instructors are professionals at NLI and my experience there was awesome. I didn't want to leave!

Molly Torrow 567 of 1703
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National Laser Institute has excellent instructors and they are very knowledgeable within this field. I liked the hands-on experience the best. Learning with the other students was fun, too!


Hazel Libutague 568 of 1703
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This was an awesome experience here at National Laser Institute. I did the 10-day course and learned so much! All the teachers were so awesome and helpful. I had so much fun!


Laura Atencio 569 of 1703
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The instructors were really great! The amount I learned was incredible! Well worth the time and money.


Cora Simpson 570 of 1703

Medical Professionals

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This has been a very educational hands-on laser experience. Each instructor was very knowledgeable and kind. I am excited to use lasers in my practice!

Emilie Johnson, RN, BSN, CEN 556 of 621
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This was a very good experience. There was sufficient hands-on opportunity. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and willing to share their "secrets"!

Victoria Lebowitz, RN 557 of 621
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Loved the format of teaching. Great instructors! Learned so much! Great experience! I'll be back to learn PDO Threads!

Candace Veit, RN 558 of 621
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Excellent weekend! I learned so much!

Sheridan Penrod, RN 559 of 621
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Such a great experience. All of the instructors are wonderful and very thorough. Love all the opportunity for hands-on. Overall, great experience!

Aneta Arzumanova, RN 560 of 621
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I feel so much more knowledgeable and ready to begin my career in aesthetics.

Karida Pieger, RN 561 of 621
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The hands-on and didactic education came together nicely. All of the instructors I've had here have been amazing!

Emilie Johnson, RN 562 of 621
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This experience has been absolutely fantastic.

Denise Walsh, RN 563 of 621
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The course was well done, instructors were knowledgeable and personable. We had a good amount of clients to practice on.

Anonymous 564 of 621
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I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do this but after multiple chances to practice, I feel very confident and can't wait to continue with the program!

Taylor Walker, RN 565 of 621
566 of 621

I had the best time, it felt so comfortable to have such patient instructors who are so caring and want students to succeed.

Emilia Speer, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC 566 of 621
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I have learned so much during this two day course, personally and professionally, everyone at NLI is doing an amazing job! I am planning to take more training courses at NLI. You are the best!!

Kiran Thaker, PA 567 of 621
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Great experience and very customer service oriented. Staff is great and are active practitioners that work in the area that we are learning in.

Anonymous 568 of 621
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Fabulous instructors. I learned so much! They explained the techniques so well!

Linda Rath, RN, BSN 569 of 621
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Everyone was amazing! The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I learned so much during my time here! I can't wait to apply it in the real world!

Brooklyn Pacconi, RN 570 of 621