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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I graduated National Laser Institute in November of 2006. Let me say that my training there opened many doors for me, most importantly, my own. After graduation I put in about 6 months at American Laser Clinic. I was hired the minute I walked in the door. Their own technicians had the maximum 3 days training, so my knowledge and understanding of the industry was superior to even my manager. However, I wanted to get inside the day to day business of laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation and so I worked there to absorb as much as I could.

Early this year, I started the process of buying a used IPL and new Silk Peel. I added these to my esthetics equipment and opened for business in May. I lease a small suite in a building with many hairdressers, manicurists, and other estheticians they have been so supportive, sending me lots of business to get me off to a great start. As we all know the business of laser hair removal and advanced skin treatments are highly competitive. I get calls all day long from price shoppers. But that is ok. I cannot and do not want to compete for the lowest price. My specialty is a full understanding of the physics of light based skin and hair removal treatments and their reactions with the human body. I provide a luxurious and clean environment, and I am there for my clients at the time of the service and after. By the way I have received only 1 call from a client with a concern in 8 months time.

So this is where I stand, I have a little baby laser and advanced skin spa. And like a baby it will have to be nurtured and will need all my attention and creativity to keep it growing. I am proud and happy and I owe this in part to my training at National Laser Institute. I received more than training there–I received a dream.

Jane Probert from San Antonio, TX 46 of 1555
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From my first phone call to NLI to the amazing training by Shana to the clinicals, all the instructors were so upbeat and positive. They treated me as though I were a long time friend! Amazing experience.


Gail Arnold 47 of 1555
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I highly recommend this course whether you’re a professional or just entering the industry! The course was very informative. 


Bill Candes 48 of 1555
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I can’t imagine going into this field without learning NLI skills. Shana is a wealth of knowledge and makes everything fun and exciting!


Robin Durby 49 of 1555
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What brought me to NLI was the passion for a career in the medical aesthetics industry, but what I received when I left the program was the knowledge of relationships that cannot be replaced.


Stephanie Morse 50 of 1555
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One hour after receiving our certificates, Chrissy in admissions called me to let me know that a NY doctor called National Laser Institute and left a message about wanting to hire one of their graduates. I got a job interview with him for that Friday, not even one week after graduating! The day after I got home, I started calling local med spas and salons so that I could check out all of my options. I kept calling, and finally one woman gave me a job interview that SAME DAY. She hired me on the spot. On my way home I stopped at one of the places that said no to me by phone that I was really interested in, and I gave them my resume in person. I ended up walking to the back office for another interview, they showed me the machine they use, I spoke to the owner, and next thing I knew I had another job! Persistence paid off!

Stephanie Fox 51 of 1555
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This has been the best week ever! I learned a lot from all the teachers. They gave me so much hope for my future and encouraged me that I can do this. If I could do this class over again, I would!!!


Jessica Rooks 52 of 1555
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All staffs and instructors are very friendly and professional. Clean facility, very nice environment. Classes were informative and curriculum was excellent.

Mary Jane Stuckham 53 of 1555
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NLI is a great way to kick start your career in the beauty biz. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to get into the industry and gain knowledge, skills, and experience to further their career.

Sally Cussel 54 of 1555
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I am a recent graduate of National Laser Institute and I can say without hesitation my experience there was amazing. I have been an esthetician for 10 years and I was ready for the more medical side of things, and the instructors here were amazing in getting me prepared and confident to go out into the workplace and implementing everything I learned. Not only did I receive a superior education in all area of medical aesthetics, but I felt more confident in myself because of the positive, professional, happy atmosphere that was there. I would recommend this school to anyone!!

Lynn Morgan 55 of 1555
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All the instructors were so knowledgable and skilled with many, many years of experience. They really WANT you to learn. Great energy!


Rachel Callendar 56 of 1555
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The trainers were all amazing. They all have their own personalities and made it a great experience. I learned so much from all the lasers we were able to receive hands-on training with. Great school, great instructors, great experience!

Caitlin Arlicino 57 of 1555
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I just got offered a laser/esthetician career at a doctor’s office. It’s my dream manifesting, and I could never have done it without National Laser Institute!


Ali Bohanon 58 of 1555
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National Laser Institute is by far the best school in the valley! I enjoyed each and every day to the max as I was taught by such sweet and well knowledged instructors. The staff and owner do everything they can to make your learning experience comfortable and fun!


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I received my education from National Laser Institute and I wanted to let you guys know that I now have a job at a cosmetic laser center in my home town. I started working there last year in August. It has been a wonderful experience and I LOVE my job. My boss has been impressed with my general knowledge and competency with the lasers. I owe that to National Laser Institute. When people ask me where I went to school for this, I’m always proud to say National Laser Institute. It was such a memorable experience. Now, I am making more money than I thought possible as a new aesthetician. I want to thank you and all the staff at The National Laser Institute for helping me with that.

Lacy Randall 60 of 1555

Medical Professionals

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Absolutely enjoyed this program. Knowledgeable and extremely helpful staff. Great environment to learn with excellent didactic lectures and clinical experience!

Rahul Malhota, MD 46 of 537
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It was a great course! The instructors were great at teaching to all levels. It was great to get hands-on experience on real clients, too!

Pat Donahue 47 of 537
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Great experience! It really helped to learn the techniques with lasers. Very informative about contraindications. Really enjoyed my time here!

Krista Taylor, RN 48 of 537
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My experience at National Laser Institute was both educational and enjoyable. I feel prepared to use the skills I learned immediately. The instructors were excellent. Great job, NLI!

Mark Campbell 49 of 537
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Excellent teachers. I got good clinical and injection tips and learned great patient management skills.

Promila Banertee 50 of 537
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I had a great experience here at NLI. The program was very thorough and staff were all very knowledgeable and friendly. All the technology was very current and fun to work with.

Melissa Magyer, RN 51 of 537
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Excellent class! I am a general dentist and I feel everything I learned here will help me expand what I do in my practice. I was able to receive a lot of hands-on experience, too. I can’t wait to start injecting!

Marcella G., DDS. 52 of 537
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Great hands-on experience! I appreciated the apple hands-on time with clients. It was great to work on real clients instead of just students. The instructors were all so wonderful and knowledgeable. They are very helpful and willing to take their time and answer all our questions. 

Jennifer Bishard 53 of 537
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Great hands-on experience! It really makes you feel comfortable with these treatments.

Stephanie Lilly 54 of 537
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This is my injectable/filler course and I was so pleased with the instruction! I plan to attend more training classes at National Laser Institute.

Deanna Turner-Grace 55 of 537
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I thought the instruction and training was excellent. I’m looking forward to changing my career!

Wendy Hall 56 of 537
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I want to personally thank you for a great learning experience. The instructors you have teaching, demonstrating, and overseeing the students are of the highest caliber. I will recommend your school and to everyone I know.

Timothy Young, RN, BSN, OCN 57 of 537
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National Laser Institute’s course was everything I expected and more. The staff was very helpful. To work and learn the most current laser technology and to lean the most current techniques gave me all the confidence I need to get out there and start applying in the ‘real world.’ Once again, great school. I would not choose another school if I had a chance to do it again!

James Yoon, RN 58 of 537
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The instructors made me feel so comfortable. I was a nervous wreck when I started, but definitely more confident once we started. They were great!

Rachael Jerald 59 of 537
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Wow! The energy and expertise of the staff was outstanding. Professionalism is one of National Laser Institute’s strong points! I’ve learned so much, and would suggest this school to anyone. Thank you, National Laser Institute, for all you have done to help me with my medical career.

Melessa Watford, RN 60 of 537