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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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National Laser Institute was a very good experience to me. I've learned so many new things, and it's very exciting! All the instructors were able to help me in many ways.

Santa Isabel Delacore 586 of 2167
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National Laser Institute provided me education and positive memories that will last a life time.


Kimberly Yadon 587 of 2167
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National Laser Institute has an amazing program! Very fun and great learning environment. All the instructors are fun, helpful, and supportive. I learned so much from everyone here. The staff was also great! Everyone here made my experience worth while.


Amy Esparza 588 of 2167
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I feel so confident and comfortable with my training. The instructors are so nice! I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is serious about working with lasers.


Morgan Kies 589 of 2167
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I had such a wonderful time here! National Laser Institute really chooses their people well!


Michael Ahders 590 of 2167
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I loved the hands-on training. The school is great--the instructors were patient and made sure we were performing the treatments safely.

Mary Miller 591 of 2167
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National Laser Institute is an outstanding school. Every instructor is extremely nice and willing to help you the entire way. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get into this field.


Michaela Tobey 592 of 2167
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I can go back to my state empowered, renewed, inspired and impressed with the education I received. The entire staff from reps to the front desk, and every instructor and guest speaker left me feeling more positive, professional, and blessed to have been given this experience. Do not miss out on National Laser Institute!


Dennis Franklin 593 of 2167
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I would highly recommend National Laser Institute to anyone who’s considering joining the healthy and beauty industry. It’s by far the most thorough and in depth education out there. The entire staff is amazing! I almost didn’t want to leave!


Danae Clarke 594 of 2167
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National Laser Institute is an amazing school. The instructors are incredible and extremely informative. Anyone looking for a laser career should look into National Laser Institute.


Kristen Summerhill 595 of 2167
596 of 2167

My experience at National Laser Institute was great! The teachers were so knowledgeable, upbeat and kind. I know that I’ll take what I learned here and be able to go home to find a great job that’ll make me happy. I would recommend National Laser Institute to everyone who’s interested in becoming a laser technician.


Deanna Brooks 596 of 2167
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I am so glad I chose National Laser Institute! All the instructors are filled with knowledge and share every bit with you. My experience with NLI has been amazing!

Blake Urke 597 of 2167
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I found National Laser Institute to be very informational and beneficial to both my education and career. The staff was intelligent and caring, too!


Rosemary Mannel 598 of 2167
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All of the instructors are amazing! I had such a great time learning here and I feel like I received the best education for laser training. Time flew by and I’m leaving with a brain full of knowledge.


Heather Lorti 599 of 2167
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The National Laser Institute was a great experience. The instructors were so informative and really knew their stuff!


Shana D. 600 of 2167

Medical Professionals

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This laser course was wonderful. Experience, hands-on, was all wonderful! Excited for the rest of the course!

Steffany Acovski, FNP 586 of 695
587 of 695

Very interesting and fun!

Mel Schottenstein, RN 587 of 695
588 of 695

Great experience!

Ceara Berry, RN 588 of 695
589 of 695

Overall, a great experience, can't wait to start something new!

Anonymous 589 of 695
590 of 695

Everyone was so nice and the classes were so helpful! The teachers were amazing and so knowledgeable! I can't wait to apply what I learned!

Brooklyn Pacconi, RN 590 of 695
591 of 695

I've had a great experience so far. Very helpful. Excited for the future!

Jessica Moreno, RN 591 of 695
592 of 695

It was a great experience, I now have a new family too!

Manish Sahni, MD 592 of 695
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Lots of hands-on! Great experience!

Steffany Acovski, FNP 593 of 695
594 of 695

Excellent staff, very friendly and knowledgeable!

Bianca Biagas, RN 594 of 695
595 of 695

I enjoyed the hands-on techniques and the ability to troubleshoot lips!

Cynthia Jovanov, RN 595 of 695
596 of 695

The hands-on training was fabulous. I had Dr. Treen for botox and Dawn for filler, and they were 11/10! They were a wealth of knowledge!

Michela Nelson, NMD 596 of 695
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I didn't know much about injectables so this course was a great base and place to start on this journey. Awesome instructors with great information and great technique suggestions.

Anonymous 597 of 695
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Allison was amazing! She has given me such confidence in doing fillers. Angelica was amazing with Botox and also explained everything to give great Botox injections. I had a blast, NLI is amazing!

Jacqueline More, BSN 598 of 695
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Both Angelica and Allison were amazing! I learned so much, I feel very confident with the skills and going out in the community to find a job.

Chastity Drobena, RN, BSN 599 of 695
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NLI staff were extremely helpful. Made students and clients all feel so pretty. Never once made me feel unimportant and was always willing to teach.

Shaun Smith, RN 600 of 695