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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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This course provides great content and delivers what’s expected plus more!


Michelle Loeber 631 of 2118
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Shawn Remey, my admission’s advisor, was extremely helpful and caring to my situation. I wish I would have known about National Laser Institute last year instead of spending 9 months in esthetician school killing myself working full time and going to school full time. I’ve learned so much here, the instructors were so caring, knowledgeable and accommodating. Everyone here was so friendly!


Rosalie H. 632 of 2118
633 of 2118

This is an outstanding school. The teachers were incredible and brought a very refreshing experience to the table. I would recommend this school above any other regardless of the price difference!


Devin F. 633 of 2118
634 of 2118

I am so thankful for National Laser Institute. All of the instructors are amazing and helpful. This was a life changing event. I recommend this program for anyone looking for a career change, even if they don’t have any experience—like myself! Thank you, National Laser Institute!


Alyssa H. 634 of 2118
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The staff at National Laser Institute is amazing and super helpful! I learned so much in the 14-day course— more than I ever thought I could. It’s definitely worth the money!


Tara S. 635 of 2118
636 of 2118

I had a great learning experience at National Laser Institute. I took the 15-day course and would highly recommend it. I found all of the instructors very knowledgeable and encouraging. I was happy I was able to receive a lot of hands-on training with laser hair removal and advanced skin rejuvenating procedures while studying at National Laser Institute!


Nicole J. 636 of 2118
637 of 2118

National Laser Institute provided an excellent hands-on program with incredibly knowledgeable and patient instructors. What a great week!


Melissa G. 637 of 2118
638 of 2118

My experience here was just incredible. Coming from an aesthetic background, it was really quite amazing just how much I learned from everyone here. The instructors are knowledgeable, supportive, inspiring, and I would definitely consider them friends!


Tracy K. 638 of 2118
639 of 2118

National Laser Institute was a rewarding experience. I came home with invaluable knowledge of the laser field. The instructors were wonderful. I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in exploring the medical aesthetics industry.


Erin A. 639 of 2118
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I absolutely love the school here. All the instructors are very experienced, knowledgeable, and so nice! Everything is very organized and clean. I’m very happy that I made this decision to come to this school!


Rachel Yuan Chen Lee 640 of 2118
641 of 2118

National Laser Institute has changed my life on more levels than I could list. Thinking about making everyone here a part of my extended family!


Kimberly Chard 641 of 2118
642 of 2118

Each instructor at National Laser Institute has their own spunk! They have all taught me so much, and I’m grateful for every single one of them. I can’t believe school was so fun!


Kristin Manos 642 of 2118
643 of 2118

National Laser Institute is the best place to learn about lasers. They cover all the fields and take the time to teach you all the modalities in the medical esthetics field. Also, they have the most knowledgeable instructors!


Dusty Rosemay 643 of 2118
644 of 2118

This experience changed my life! I loved the upbeat attitude and the feeling of family. I absorbed so much and credit all involved for my ability to learn so much quickly. I want my daughter to come back here! Thanks again—my future is looking bright!


Lynne R. 644 of 2118
645 of 2118

This has been one of the most joyful and outstanding learning experiences in my aesthetics career. The trainers are outstanding and the staff bends over backwards to make sure everyone felt comfortable in the day to day schedules.


Eileen T. 645 of 2118

Medical Professionals

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I appreciate the business Louis has built. It is apparent he is invested in his company, his employees and the direction of his business. Every trainer was excellent, educated, experienced, professional, yet personable. Allison Woodworth was especially exceptional, I felt that she genuinely cares about her clients and their best interest.

Courtney Nelson, RN 631 of 695
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My experience here was overall amazing and I am thankful I came here. It was a great opportunity to have education and exposure by knowledgeable and experienced instructors. I would recommend it to others and I hope/plan on keeping in touch with some of the students/instructors. Thank you so much! I am loving this industry and looking forward to where it takes me.

Jade Mook, RN, BSN 632 of 695
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Informative. Fun. Tons of hands-on. Absolutely loved it!

Lynn Malady, RN 633 of 695
634 of 695

I had heard from various sources that NLI is the gold standard for this type of training, so the bar was set very high. I can say it exceeded my expectations. This is because I will leave here with far less apprehension and lots of excitement, enthusiasm and confidence to use what I have learned in practice and to do so safely! Great instructors who really care about our success! Many thanks!

Jeanine Davis, RN, CCM 634 of 695
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As a seasoned nurse practitioner, I decided to change careers into the field of aesthetics and heard that National Laser Institute was a great choice for education. I'm so glad I chose NLI! Between the comprehensive curriculum and the amazing staff, it has been a wonderful beginning to a new, happy career in aesthetic medicine!

Tracy Sikk, ACNP 635 of 695
636 of 695

I had such an amazing experience here at NLI. The instructors were all amazing and knowledgeable. I definitely feel so much more confident at the end of the course. Thank you so much!

Alicia Hamada-Benavidez, RN 636 of 695
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I've had a wonderful experience at NLI. I have learned so much and feel prepared to start work at a medspa as a laser technician. This adds a fun and exciting aspect to my nursing career. I look forward to the opportunities to come.

Hunter Clawson, RN 637 of 695
638 of 695

I took this course to add to my clinical practice and expand my professional portfolio. My expectations were exceeded after this week, as I have found the instructors to be masters at their craft. It's also a great way to network and learn about growth and development in the medspa industry.

December Shore, RN 638 of 695
639 of 695

The teachers were all awesome! So happy I went through this program.

Rachel Breitkreutz, PA/NP 639 of 695
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Signing up with NLI is the best definition i've made. Satisfied. Staff was very friendly, instructors were so much fun, friendly. Loving the whole experience. I will definitely come back for more training here.

Vasantha Natarajan, MD 640 of 695
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Second visit here, still remains high energy, informative, and efficient.

Anonymous 641 of 695
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Great training, great hands-on and instruction from all presenters and instructors.

Thanh Trang Nguyen, MD 642 of 695
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Excellent course with knowledgeable and friendly instructors! Outstanding experience!

Janine Peryea, RN 643 of 695
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Overall it was a phenomenal experience. I am so excited to go out and start my practice. I actually feel like I have found my calling.

Nancy Squiccimarri, RN 644 of 695
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The staff at NLI is so energetic and welcoming. It's obvious they are passionate about aesthetics. I learned so much in 2 short days and got hands-on experience. I can't wait for the next 4 days of training I have left.

Kelsey Strassner, RN, BSN 645 of 695