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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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More education than I expected! Experts every day, all day!  I am very prepared and excited to change careers and start in the esthetic industry.

Cindy Holmes 646 of 2118
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NLI has helped me further my love of skin and I cannot wait to use my knowledge in this booming industry.

Courtney Braden 647 of 2118
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Came in knowing nothing about laser. I feel so confident now. Everyone at NLI is so knowledgeable, so nice and friendly and they help you in every way they can from advice to answering questions. Feels like family here.  Would recommend NLI to anyone without hesitation.  Best place ever!

Fatina Nazzal 648 of 2118
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I loved it!  I learned so much more than I thought I would! I was on the fence about coming, but I'm so glad I did!

Andrea Cadillo 649 of 2118
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I'm so proud of myself for having chosen NLI.  It's far from home and the price is higher, but I feel like I got a thorough education.  Feeling really confident about going to my new field.

Ana Rosa 650 of 2118
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Good school. Every instructor loves what they do.  Feels like a fun & friendly family.  I learned a lot from them with hands on training.  Thank you so much!  I love you!

Mai Tran 651 of 2118
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NLI has really prepared me to enter the world of lasers and aesthetics.  They were super helpful from registration all the way to teaching & Tracey.

Teresa Alexander 652 of 2118
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NLI was a great experience. So happy I came here.  The staff was super nice and knew a lot about the field. If you are considering becoming a laser tech, PICK NLI!!

Nina Curran 653 of 2118
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This course was the best thing I ever decided to do.  The whole staff was great and helpful.

Diana Fuentes 654 of 2118
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I really enjoyed my time here and learned a lot.  I'm glad it worked out that I was able to take time off from work to attend the classes.

Champagne Latham Miller 655 of 2118
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This class exceeded all my expectations. The instructors are so knowledgeable and helpful with all questions asked.  I am so beyond happy I chose NLI.

Grace Siegfried 656 of 2118
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Thank you for the wonderful core course. I had lots of fun. All the teachers were Amazing. They knew exactly what they were doing and were very helpful.  I learned ALOT and so blessed & excited to start in the field.

Cindy Escobar 657 of 2118
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I had a good experience, will miss all the instructors!

Ivy Usilton 658 of 2118
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NLI was more than I expected and worth every penny! The knowledge and professionalism of the instructors was impressive.  Overall, extremely organized, informative, and thorough.  Everything is covered.

Julia Everly 659 of 2118
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I am excited about starting my new career as a laser tech.

Charity Frady 660 of 2118

Medical Professionals

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Thank you for letting us practice on real patients. I feel amazing, best experience.

Mary Cruz Sandoval Rivera, CDA 646 of 695
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I had a very pleasant experience from the first time I stepped foot in the door. Lecture instructors - Jan and Dr. Hooker were amazing and personable. Clinical instructors - Jan and April were very easy going. They were the best instructors ever!

Tisha Chadha, RN 647 of 695
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Thank you! I would definitely recommend to friends!

Cameron Tregaskes, MD 648 of 695
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Best Botox/Filler training in the world. Highly recommend! Jan and April are the best.

Chasen Halcomb, PA/NP 649 of 695
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Had a great experience and learned lots of material.

Jessica Strickland, RN 650 of 695
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A wonderful experience with knowledgeable, fun, and friendly staff.

Gabrielle Bowker, RN 651 of 695
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Jan was great in the didactic course! They offered awesome tips and tricks of the trade. Clinical was very relaxed, yet professional! Wonderful experience.

Julie Johnson, FNP-C 652 of 695
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The instructors are unbelievably knowledgeable both in skills and of product and procedures. I will recommend NLI to anyone who is looking to learn Botox/Fillers.

Dawn Davis, RN 653 of 695
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I arrived for the 4 day course, not sure of what was in store. This has been an amazing experience. It's been educational, stimulating, and encouraging. I feel confident of what I've learned and I am excited to learn more!

Stephanie Davidson, DO 654 of 695
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Excellent experience. Exactly what I needed to feel like this is something I could do and be good at. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to do this in their future.

Alexis Raftopoulos, DO 655 of 695
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Coming into this program I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't have any experience with Botox/Fillers. Both Dr. Hooker and Jan were very thorough and really wanted the students to succeed. They made learning easy and walked us step by step through all clinicals. After each day of our clinicals I felt more confident. I would recommend NLI to anyone. I know I want to take more classes.

Misty Moore, RN 656 of 695
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Amazing staff! Instructors were very knowledgeable! They shared their tips and experiences, and offered their advice! I loved the hands-on experience with real clients! I love how Louis, CEO, greeted students and shared his tips!

Erika Middleton, RN 657 of 695
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I am so glad I chose NLI! Very amazing institute.

Rheyvie Bullecer, RN 658 of 695
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What a great opportunity for this educational experience!

Nancy Gower, RN 659 of 695
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National Laser Institute provided me with didactic and clinical experience to feel adequate to start a career in aesthetics. The instructors, office staff and admin staff are very helpful and friendly as well.

Anonymous 660 of 695