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National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I had doubts before coming in but after meeting the staff and taking the classes, I have no regrets.  Happy and satisfied.

Tracy Nguyen 661 of 1722
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As a licensed cosmetologist I feel that NLI should be mandatory for all persons performing laser procedures on the general public.  It was worth every penny of tuition.

Linda Bell 662 of 1722
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All of the instructors were amazing!  They were all very patient, knowledgeable, and they took the time to get to know you.  I feel very comfortable using all of the modalities. They made the experience more exciting and I learned so much from all of them!

Emily Terraneo 663 of 1722
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Thank you for the positive learning experience. You all found a way to make school fun for me while providing the necessary education to make me successful.  NLI has more than exceeded my expectations!

Brittney Heinzman 664 of 1722
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Dynamic laser training experience! Thanks for empowering my esthetic background into the laser field!


Del C. 665 of 1722
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I enjoyed the class as well as the clinical practice. I had a wonderful experience and am happy I took the time to attend this training course!


Brigitte Jung 666 of 1722
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My experience was way better than I initially expected! I came into this thinking it was totally not for me, and I ended up loving it!


Annie Penta 667 of 1722
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My education with National Laser Institute was far better than I could have imagined. I’ve learned so much here! NLI gave me the confidence that I will carry with me throughout my entire career.


Mary Lauren Antici 668 of 1722
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You cannot get any better hands-on and classroom training than National Laser Institute! Everything about my course here was fantastic.


Theresa Sherrick 669 of 1722
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The instructors were excellent, especially the laser instructors—Brooke, Shannon, and Sandra!


Kate Jungheim 670 of 1722
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This was the best thing I've ever decided to do. I feel completely prepared to start my new career and I'm so excited for it.

Kaitlyn Snead 671 of 1722
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Great experience.  Learned and laughed a lot.

Elizabeth Barrier 672 of 1722
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One of my best experiences of my life.  The instructors are amazing!

Mindy Goecke 673 of 1722
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I had a great experience. I'm very thankful for the opportunity.  The staff was amazing.

Bionca Q. 674 of 1722
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It was a good experience.

Lori B. 675 of 1722

Medical Professionals

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Instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and very helpful. The hands-on experience is incredibly valuable along with observations.

Bobbi Adams-Stumpf, RN 661 of 666
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Excellent experience! I've learned so much and I'm very happy I chose this program.

Eric Cameron, PA/NP 662 of 666
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Wonderful facility with even better staff! Loved that Louis took the time to individually meet each student! Will definitely be back in the future for more training!

Nicole Cruz, RN 663 of 666
664 of 666

Very educational and professional educational experience. This education will definitely help me to grow my Aesthetics business.

Shawn Torstveit, RN 664 of 666
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Everyone was very helpful and extremely educated. I loved how much hands-on were given to each student.

Stephanie Bingham, RN 665 of 666
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Very useful training from experts in the industry.

Christopher Welsh, FNP-C 666 of 666