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Aesthetician & Career Changers

676 of 1975

It was a good experience.

Lori B. 676 of 1975
677 of 1975

I had a great time at NLI. The experience was great and I learned so much!

Kylie L. 677 of 1975
678 of 1975

NLI has changed my life.  I am just in the zone of exiting my position as Manager-Operator & Master Esthetician of 2 years. Furthering my education and giving me the materials I need, I now feel I could conquer the world and start my own small business like I've dreamed of since I became an Esthetician 2 years ago. Thank you everyone for all of your positive influence. You all are huge role models to me. Love you all!

Kirsten Peterson 678 of 1975
679 of 1975

NLI was a great experience!  All the instructor's were very helpful and I learned a lot!

Jessica Harris 679 of 1975
680 of 1975

I was unsure about how to expand my brand - but after attending the classes and learning about the modalities I felt confident that I could use my training to run my business and expand my brand into a full Wellness and Health Center for women.

Ernanda W. 680 of 1975
681 of 1975

Loved the education mixed with personality. Very fresh take on teaching.  Amazing staff and experience.  Met friends for life.

Jessica Spess 681 of 1975
682 of 1975

The team at NLI is second to none.  Every member of the team scored a A++ in by book!

Mike M. 682 of 1975
683 of 1975

It was amazing!  I had so much fun, the instructors were great, the lessons were perfect, it was well worth it! I'm sad to leave!!

Ashlee Hagin 683 of 1975
684 of 1975

I learned so much about skin, beauty, preventative treatments, and lasers.  I feel confident on the machines, and I have never met a staff of instructors that go so far out of their way to help you and make sure you have a positive experience.

Natalie Henderson 684 of 1975
685 of 1975

Amazing!  I loved the instructors, each had something unique to give to the classes from their experiences.  NLI was the best school choice I ever made.  I learned so much in the 2 week course, that I feel confident enough to jump right in the field after this wonderfully structured course.

I can't stress enough how wonderful your program is. It breaks down every little detail needed to be successful in this business. Your staff was fantastic, best of the best! So knowledgable and a blast to work/train with. It made the experience all the better. I'm so happy you gave us this opportunity, I don't know how to thank you!!! I felt so confident coming out of the program and now I found a job at a MedSpa within weeks after your course.

Stephanie Heringer 685 of 1975
686 of 1975

My experience at NLI was absolutely amazing!  I'm very excited and looking forward to a rewarding career with lasers.  The staff of instructors were wonderful.

Linda O'Neil 686 of 1975
687 of 1975

NLI has not only taught the theory I need to know but was also taught how to market myself.  This was one of the greatest decisions of my life.  Thank you so much, NLI!

Mason Walker 687 of 1975
688 of 1975

Loved all the instructors, very informative.

Rainey Catania 688 of 1975
689 of 1975

Was a great experience! Everyone was very nice and made you feel comfortable. Great education!

Connie Tyler-Streff 689 of 1975
690 of 1975

I had a really great experience, loved the staff.  I would highly recommend NLI to anyone.  I feel like I got great education and met a lot of great people.

Trina Simmons 690 of 1975

Medical Professionals

676 of 692

Wonderful facility with even better staff! Loved that Louis took the time to individually meet each student! Will definitely be back in the future for more training!

Nicole Cruz, RN 676 of 692
677 of 692

Very educational and professional educational experience. This education will definitely help me to grow my Aesthetics business.

Shawn Torstveit, RN 677 of 692
678 of 692

Everyone was very helpful and extremely educated. I loved how much hands-on were given to each student.

Stephanie Bingham, RN 678 of 692
679 of 692

Very useful training from experts in the industry.

Christopher Welsh, FNP-C 679 of 692
680 of 692

The didactic was very easy to understand and informative. Really enjoyed clinical portion. It’s s always great to have hand on experience. I wish I could have stayed longer. I definitely will be attending more classes. Absolutely love Alex. She is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. She needs a raise. All three front desk girls that were working on 11/20/2020 were all awesome.

Neva C. 680 of 692
681 of 692

The DIDACTIC was a lot to take in but it was very well explained and gave a lot of examples for us to understand. At the same time they made it fun and interactive. The hands on program was very helpful I got to experience different machines and learn different techniques. I really loved all the instructors they all took the time to explain in detail the information, but my favorites were Shanna, Monica, Lexi the reason was because I think we got the harder topics with them and they really focused and helping and making sure you understand. Most of the time we were super busy with clients but when there was a no show or cancellation the allowed us to work on each other

Jacqueline D. 681 of 692
682 of 692

I loved the clinical hands on experience. I thought everyone at NLI was supportive and helpful. Kellie and Kristin!! They were the absolute best. I'm going to miss them! They were approachable, answered questions, and gave excellent examples/ acronyms to help learn.

Keiala P. 682 of 692
683 of 692

Attended class in person, Every instructor was knowledgeable in the field. Definitely coming back for other classes. I did in person hands-on class also. Jess, Monica and Sandra were my instructors. I love their teaching methods. Zeke was awesome too. Didn’t have much down time. But when we did, it was open and not afraid to ask questions.

Christi L. 683 of 692
684 of 692

The instructors were very knowledgeable.

Anonymous 684 of 692
685 of 692

Very informative, clear communication. Loved hands on. Heather is an amazing teacher!

Rae R. 685 of 692
686 of 692

Our instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with each of us.

Abiola L. 686 of 692
687 of 692

Thorough didactic.  Heather was amazing! Such a good teacher and very professional with our patients. She gave us lots of instruction and insider tips on on running our own practices.

Audrey K. 687 of 692
688 of 692

Classes were good in content. Irene was excellent!

Pia S. 688 of 692
689 of 692

It was a lot. I am impressed with the emphasis on safety. We spoke about technique and resources.

Crystal J. 689 of 692
690 of 692

The instructors were all very thorough and knowledgeable in their field. They delivered the material in a way that was understandable. They also answered any questions you had without making you feel dumb. The hands on segment was awesome! I’m so happy that we were able to see everything live and in person. It’s so fun and great experience. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the instructors! They exceeded my expectations. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. They really make you feel comfortable and never intimidated. They really want you to be successful. They answered any questions we had and went over more in depth of what we were learning or re went over any modalities we had any confusion on.

Anonymous 690 of 692