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Aesthetician & Career Changers

691 of 2306

I had a really great experience, loved the staff.  I would highly recommend NLI to anyone.  I feel like I got great education and met a lot of great people.

Trina Simmons 691 of 2306
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Awesome experience. Very pleased with all the instructors who were extremely sweet and have taught me so much.

Angelina Hernandez 692 of 2306
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My experience has been so beneficial and absolutely life changing for me.  Not only have I learned how to properly care for my skin, I can treat and help others now too that have skin problems.

Lisa Griffiths 693 of 2306
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My experience at NLI was amazing!  So glad I had the opportunity to come here and meet the great instructors!  Very ready to start a career in Lasers!

Emilee Howell 694 of 2306
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My experience at NLI was Amazing!  I learned so much and had a lot of fun!

Nancy Albert 695 of 2306
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I had a lot of experience from school.  The school that they mentioned who trained the best laser techs was National Laser Institute.  Thank you so much. I will never forget.  I love the entire staff and instructors. Everyone was super helpful... Thanks again.

Quyen Phan 696 of 2306
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Thank you for the wonderful 5 days. I learned a lot and had fun!

Mai Tran 697 of 2306
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I loved it!!!  This was such a great class and I learned so much. I was nervous at first since I am a career changer. But after this class I feel very confident.  The training and instructors were great.  Thank you NLI.

Jamie Ballew 698 of 2306
699 of 2306

Great place, good instructors, quality  machines used.

Belem Pecina 699 of 2306
700 of 2306

Great experience. I learned so much about the different machines and how to use them the correct way.  Leaving with confidence about how to perform the different procedures.

Lisa Pruitt 700 of 2306
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If you're looking to take esthetics to the next level, this is the place for you!  I've learned a lot and have had a great time.  Great educators and staff.

Shandee Clay 701 of 2306
702 of 2306

It was a great experience and all of the instructors were amazing!

Ashley Henneman 702 of 2306
703 of 2306

NLI was definitely a changing experience from dreading waking up every morning and going to class (at a college) to waking up and wanting to go to school and learn about something you love really makes a difference in your day.

Sadie Wascom 703 of 2306
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As a "career changer", I was very impressed with the quality of instructions, in-depth industry education and camaraderie between students and instructors.  I feel confident in my abilities and am delighted to know that I will always have the NLI family there for support in the future.

Valencia Lee 704 of 2306
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The course preps you for your career in lasers.  The instructors are awesome.

Melody Gifford 705 of 2306

Medical Professionals

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The classroom didactic instructor Crystal was beyond knowledgeable and approachable. Loved the hands on experience. Kellie, Shelley and Crystal are the most amazing instructors: clear and concise, and extremely confidence building.

Anonymous 691 of 698
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I loved the didactic. We went over so much but luckily the instructors were patient and open with their experiences. Lots of experience with live clients!  I loved Kellie and Kristin!! They answered any questions we had and went over more in depth of what we were learning or re went over any modalities we had any confusion on.

Andrea M. 692 of 698
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Great course.  Great instructors. Jess was very good. Irene was very easy to work with.

Mark S. 693 of 698
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Loved the hands-on. The instructors were very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable.

Briana G. 694 of 698
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Good info. The hands on was a good experience.

Samantha B. 695 of 698
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So much information learned lots. The hands-on was Excellent.

Anonymous 696 of 698
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Kristin and Kelly are amazing teachers. Learned alot of information.

Anonymous 697 of 698
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Good information. Lots of info. It was great to get information and hands on experience with real patients. Both Kellie and Kristin are amazing!! The knowledge/ experience these two instructors bring to class is outstanding!

Kimberly D. 698 of 698