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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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Far more informative than I expected. Every instructor was an industry expert!

Cindy Holmes 721 of 2338
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Everyone from Louis to the instructors and staff made me feel like I could ask anything and they would be able to help, that's the amazing thing.

Courtney Braden 722 of 2338
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Enjoyed the whole experience.  The people we worked with and along side were great.  Absolutely loved it.

Kayla Dupre 723 of 2338
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I made a career change and not only am I ready to conquer the world career-wise, I have been educated about skin and laser.

Connie Kirkham 724 of 2338
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Thanks for such a unique learning experience!  I've never felt so comfortable and confident in a new area of study so quickly.  The instructors are bar none!! So knowledgeable and helpful, made it fun and professional! Shana took a huge amount of important information and delivered it in a truly amazing way.  She really has a gift, was approachable and able to help all of us understand!

Sarah Cleugh 725 of 2338
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My experience was far more than I could imagine.  I will want to take more classes in the future to further my education.  I would recommend it to anyone interested in lasers.

Kimberly Thomas 726 of 2338
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I have to thank National laser Institute for changing my life. I learned so much and was able to put that knowledge to use with hands on training with some of the top instructors in the industry. I am now a certified laser technician, and within three weeks of completing the course I landed an interview at a dallas MedSpa chain and was hired! I now have a new career that I'm so excited about. I have no aesthetics background and my prior job was managing a bridal store what a great change for me!! Thank you again national laser institute for what you have done for me!

Helaina 727 of 2338
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I just completed my laser training at NLI in Boston and I could not be happier with my training, the instructors, or the experience as a whole. This will be a career change for me, and the instructors put a lot of my concerns to rest about my decision. They were knowledgeable beyond what we needed as beginners, they told personal stories to help give us an idea of what to expect in the field, and they were just hilarious and amazing people. It was such a good experience. I will forever tell people that are even considering this, so please take this program with NLI.

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After attending NLI I started working in a job I love. The best feeling is when you know that you have a part in changing someone's life. Like the PCOS patient that has never let her boyfriend touch her face until she had laser hair removal. Or the 16 year old who has no self esteem or confidence, but after LHR she's morphed into a people person. They touch your life Love Louis and all the staff. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals.

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The best BOTOX I've ever had done was at this school and I'll just say as a former graduate of this school, the staff is amazing!! They take amazing care of their graduates!! I would recommend ANYONE to NLI!!

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My experience at the National Laser Institute was one I will never forget. From being in the classroom to hands on training, it was the most fun! Everyone working at the school from the admissions rep, teacher, receptionist or technician was always very helpful throughout my time at NLI. The most that I loved about going to school there was the owner Louis. He was always very involved in the classroom and it definitely shows a lot of character. That has never happened before in any program I attended and it really meant a lot to know that he was there and not just to collect money for the program, but to be involved in our education and making sure we had the best experience possible. The actual school itself was so nice!!! State of the art equipment and the best skin care in the industry! They had every type of laser available at our disposal to learn and get the most hands on training with! We had several teachers throughout the learning experience that were extremely helpfull! Each and ever one of those ladies were filled with so much knowledge they were eager to share! It was a lot of fun talking about personal experiences in their career with laser and all the awesome benefits that come along with being a Laser Technician! I would definitely love an opportunity to be involved with the schools expansion once they extend to Chicago! I look forward to seeing how they evolve! A big THANK YOU to every single one of my teachers and everyone involved in my learning experience. This was truly a one of a kind!

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I'm very happy with the experience I've had with NLI. I think night class is special because you have more time to grasp the information and you are able to bond with the staff/ instructors more!

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My experience was great! I feel like it was very convenient to have the option to take class at night. Very flexible! Love NLI!!

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National Laser Institute was great, fun, and everyone was so helpful!

Brittany Ermisch 734 of 2338
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My experience has been one I will never forget. I am a career changer and after coming to NLI I am so confident that I made the right decision.

Stephanie Gamez 735 of 2338

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