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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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NLI is awesome. Yes, the various lasers and treatments provide great exposure to the world of lasers. BUT the instructors and staff make the experience! Thank you so much for enhancing my excitement for this new career.

McKynzie Stephens 736 of 1755
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Honestly, hands down the best experience. Every day that I was here, I enjoyed the best, most knowledgeable instructors I could have asked for. Thank you!

Kourtney Michaelson 737 of 1755
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It was wonderful. Clinicals were wonderful and instructors were great as well!

Simone Scheele 738 of 1755
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I am so grateful to have come across NLI in my general search for cosmetic laser tech! I am ready to embrace my next chapter in life with a new career that I can be proud of. I've finally found my passion!!!

Mila Pierce 739 of 1755
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I expected to come in and learn a skill to change careers. I never expected to fall in love with the aesthetics world the way I have! NLI lit a fire and showed me a passion I never thought I'd have.

Martha Wang 740 of 1755
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I feel very blessed to have had a $1,500 treatment and I'm incredibly impressed with the level of knowledge as well.

Krystle Andersen 741 of 1755
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One of the best decisions I have ever made. Enjoyed every day and everone who works here is amazing. Extremely happy and confident upon learning here!!!

Alexis Sweet 742 of 1755
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I traveled from New Zealand to attend the institute after researching online. I have not been disappointed! It was everything they said and more. Thank you 🙂

Donna Colbert 743 of 1755
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I would recommend NLI to everyone! The best in the country 🙂

Adriana Grizzle 744 of 1755
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It changed my life. I'm sooo happy, you teached me a fun and pretty way to have a happy job! Help some body, take care of people and me. Thank you!!!

Ingrid Bergquist 745 of 1755
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I wish the hands on could have been longer, since I had so much fun. I feel confident leaving and looking for a laser job. I know that I can contact anyone here in the future with any needs or concerns.

Tina Schultz 746 of 1755
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I would definitely recommend this school! Very professional, hands on and fun.

Maria Watson 747 of 1755
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NLI was the best decision I ever made! and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Maria Langworthy 748 of 1755
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Very good instructors, very well explained.

Andra Papic 749 of 1755
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I am very thankful for the education I received from NLI. It was worth the investment. Things I thought I knew, I really didn't until NLI showed me

Anand Matadeen 750 of 1755

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