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I am very thankful for the education I received from NLI. It was worth the investment. Things I thought I knew, I really didn't until NLI showed me

Anand Matadeen 751 of 2338
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I had an amazing experience this week at NLI. They truly have an excellent staff! Each instructor had their own unique way of teaching. Overall, it was a very memorable and excellent experience for me.

Katie Freeman 752 of 2338
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Everything was great! From the written part to the hands-on!

Brittany Lavin 753 of 2338
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I've enjoyed my experience so much with NLI. I feel so confident moving forward with my career now that I'm certified. Thank you to everyone. It has been a great experience.

Gia Testa 754 of 2338
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I got such a well-rounded education at NLI! The instructors are the absolute BEST. I feel prepared and so excited to get out there and start work as a certified laser technician!

Lara Maynard 755 of 2338
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NLI was one of the best experiences for me. I greatly thank the instructors for a wonderful experience. The skills, advice, and concentration was greatly appreciated. Instructors made me gain confidence in the field.

Brittany Bergeron 756 of 2338
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The range of modalities covered with great instructors, patience, guidance, and lots of encouragement.

Lizabeth Glynn 757 of 2338
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This was such a great program. I loved every instructor and I'm honestly sad that it's over. I learned so much and I can't wait to find a job in this field.

Nicole Young 758 of 2338
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It was a very good education. I learned a lot of new stuff I didn't know before. Plus I got some treatments done and we had to practice on each other and outside clients. Everyone worked as a team.

Nassira Baghdad-Cote 759 of 2338
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My experience at NLI has been one I'll never regret. The education is one of a kind and was worth every penny. The knowledge from our instructors was amazing. The information given to us is something I will take with me, and never take for granted.

Nickole Barrese 760 of 2338
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Everyone was informative, professional, fun. Loved everyday I was there. A variety of modalities. Was a great experience.

Erin St. Jean 761 of 2338
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The entire experience from start to finish was amazing. Our teachers were highly professional and went above and beyond to be thorough teaching demonstrations and gave us plenty of hands-on experience. Samantha and Shawna provided most of my education, and they were both extremely kind, patient, and helpful. Samantha was very energetic and kept us all smiling.

Jeanine Larkin 762 of 2338
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This past week was such a memorable experience. I feel the instructors prepared us completely to do this job with confidence. It was also such a great time!

Lisa McDonough 763 of 2338
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That was the best experience I have with all the staff. They do care, they asked questions to make sure we understand. I have learned difficult things but here was the best place to learn.

Carla Derusseau 764 of 2338
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National Laser Institute has been a wonderful experience. The technology is mind blowing and the instructors are so very knowledgeable it's unreal!

Kristin W. Parker 765 of 2338

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