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Aesthetician & Career Changers

766 of 2001

I do like this facility. Everyone is very friendly.

Mena Latas 766 of 2001
767 of 2001

Instructors really care about your experience, want you to do well. One even gave us her personal email address.

Tiffany Alvarado 767 of 2001
768 of 2001

Very professional staff. Great teaching opportunities with a variety of clients. Instructors are very knowledgeable and clearly enjoyed teaching.

Danielle Hillman 768 of 2001
769 of 2001

Great in-depth training with friendly knowledgeable and most important, experienced instructors.

N. Vernonn 769 of 2001
770 of 2001

Best experience of my life. I came in not really knowing if I'd be super excited or even if I'd like it, but I have absolutely fallen in love! I don't want to leave.

Alyssa Kear 770 of 2001
771 of 2001

I loved my experience being at NLI. I learned so much through didactics and clinicals. I feel very confident in what I'm doing when I start my job search.

Hailee Fain 771 of 2001
772 of 2001

I came here really with a single idea. I found out they give you so many options in the business world and assist towards success.

Ron Coen 772 of 2001
773 of 2001

My experience at NLI was definitely one to remember. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, and I definitely learned a lot.

Emily Rung 773 of 2001
774 of 2001

Was a little skeptical at first but once I was here it was better than what I expected.

Ashley Keaster 774 of 2001
775 of 2001

I didn't know what to expect. I was terrified but it was an unforgettable experience.

Maria McCord 775 of 2001
776 of 2001

I so enjoyed my learning experience here with everyone involved. I can't wait to use what I learned in the business world. Thank you NLI for my new life (future) to come.

Ruby Valadez 776 of 2001
777 of 2001

These were two amazing weeks! I'm so happy I decided to come to National Laser Institute and I can't wait to work in the industry.

Claire Ryan 777 of 2001
778 of 2001

I would recommend this school to ANYONE! It is the longest two weeks you'll ever spend in a school, but in the best way possible. NLI makes you never want to leave.

Emily Webb 778 of 2001
779 of 2001

I appreciate everyone helping us students get the knowledge to take a step into the real world.

Sasha Rodriguez 779 of 2001
780 of 2001

I learned far more than I thought I would; As an esthetician, I feel this will help me advance my career.

Samantha Church 780 of 2001

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