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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I learned far more than I thought I would; As an esthetician, I feel this will help me advance my career.

Samantha Church 781 of 2338
782 of 2338

I learned so much! I feel empowered to go out to the world prepared.

Joan Marie Holcomb 782 of 2338
783 of 2338

I had a great time here. Met some great new friends. Love the instructors. I wish I could stay here! Hopefully I'll come back!

Sharon Durie 783 of 2338
784 of 2338

I feel very confident after being here!

Patricia Kubo 784 of 2338
785 of 2338

I believe that National Laser Institute will make my endeavor of conquering aesthetic world with success. Every step of the way they geared me to be the best of what I can do being an aesthetician, CLT, and LSO.

Frelyn Rivera 785 of 2338
786 of 2338

My experience was awesome, the instructors made my experience worthwhile.

Amanda Gaft 786 of 2338
787 of 2338

It was awesome. I'd come back and do it again.

Molly Heckman 787 of 2338
788 of 2338

NLI is hands down the best education I've had in years. Can't believe I can be a somebody in just 2 weeks 🙂

Dandra Cisneros 788 of 2338
789 of 2338

The National Laser Institute was a life changing experience. The instructors are the best and the education is intense but worth it.

Alexis Fischl 789 of 2338
790 of 2338

My time at National Laser Institute was phenomenal. The two weeks flew by and we learned so much. Had so much fun. Can't wait to get started in the industry.

Kaitlyn Willey 790 of 2338
791 of 2338

The instructors are very fun and knowledgeable. I love that they make sure that no one falls behind and has a chance to get hands on experience.

Jordan Doran 791 of 2338
792 of 2338

Amazing. Life changing. Would not change my schooling for the world.

Desiree De La Feunte 792 of 2338
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I really enjoyed my experience and education at NLI. I recommend this school to everyone!

Corrine Hennen 793 of 2338
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The staff from beginning to end was incredible! Top notch technology and state-of-the-art education! I feel very confident pursuing a job in this field!

Jessica Bahena 794 of 2338
795 of 2338

My expectation was big and I got it!

Emilce Montiel 795 of 2338

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