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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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It was such an awesome and amazing experience! I loved the instructors and staff. All great people! I learned such great information and I'm excited to put all of my knowledge from NLI to use! I loved my experience!

Kelly Warren 841 of 2338
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It was a great team. Very welcoming and educational.

Anna Babayah 842 of 2338
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I just want to thank everyone for amazing experience. I'm walking away feeling confident and eager to work in this industry. I am also walking away with great memories and friends. My only regret is I waited so long. Thank you everyone.

Angela Carrabbia 843 of 2338
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NLI was an amazing experience I will forever cherish. Thank you to my amazing instructors and classmates for making this incredible. Love you guys!!

Kaitlyn Keene 844 of 2338
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Out of all the practical courses I have taken (hair, makeup) this group/ course was definitely one of the favorites. Love NLI's Mantra.

Kayleigh Roy 845 of 2338
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Instructors were patient, friendly, and motivated to help students learn and absorb information. Learning the different Lasers with hands on training helps the information stick.

Terri Gill Diaz 846 of 2338
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Best decision I could have made. The instructors truly cared for each of us and were some of the most positive people. I highly recommend it. Thank you NLI!

Syndey Molnar Edwards 847 of 2338
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I thought the class would be intense and it was but the information I have accumulated I have Never met a group of instructors with such positive outlooks! There was not a moment I was made to feel inferior them. They put everyone at ease. Great experience!

Kathy Wilson 848 of 2338
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How great to get hands on experience.

Staci Dearmond 849 of 2338
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I honestly never knew how much information this industry entailed. I have carried away such a wealth of knowledge by the end of the week. Not only that, but I never expected to build such close relationships with my peers!

Haley Gordon 850 of 2338
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I had an amazing time here at NLI! I've learned so much! I loved all of my instructors, they are all super knowledgeable and very nice.

Liliane Lombardi 851 of 2338
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Great. Such an amazing experience. Loved this course. Learned so much. Can't wait to start my future.

Ariana Ortega 852 of 2338
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My experience was awesome at NLI. The staff is engaging, extremely knowledgeable, and so supportive. They are clearly amazing at their jobs and encouraged me to have confidence in myself with a new skill set!

Alex Allee 853 of 2338
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I learned a lot in the last 15 days of school. Great experience and met lots of amazing people here.

Alina Chu 854 of 2338
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NLI was the best learning experience I could have ever asked for. The instructors, staff and owner are all so passionate and intelligent. I really feel like I got the very best of the best. Thank you so much.

Tiffany Gartner 855 of 2338

Medical Professionals