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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I truly loved my experience. I feel very prepared to apply all my knowledge and skills to any job I have. I also know I have an amazing resource of people I can always refer back to at NLI.

Carrie Klosowski 856 of 2167
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Loved it! Sad it is over.

Renee Bruno 857 of 2167
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The best experience ever. Even after being in the industry, I have learned so much.

Julia Avalon 858 of 2167
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It was a great experience. I would recommend that anyone considering laser training to come here. It is a wonderful experience.

Yacenia Yanez 859 of 2167
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Everyone at NLI is very nice and knowledgeable. If you are wanting to get in the industry this is the place for you!

Marina Thorn 860 of 2167
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This was a huge decision for me! I took a huge leap of faith and am changing my career. I feel it was the absolute best decision I could have made for me. I encourage anyone to do the same.

Jennifer Perida 861 of 2167
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The class was very concise and methodical in its presentation. I feel confident in my ability to pursue a career in the medical aesthetics field with the hands-on training provided.

Rochelle French 862 of 2167
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Thank you so much for all that you taught me. I will never forget this experience.

Kathy Kuehne 863 of 2167
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I love love love National Laser Institute! The instructors are some of the sweetest, most caring individuals I've ever met. I will absolutely refer friends to this program and school. Great instructors, they explained in detail.

Sophia Quidir 864 of 2167
865 of 2167

I absolutely loved it. Will recommend to everyone. So happy I did it.

Taylor Horvitz 865 of 2167
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I was a little skeptical because of all the information that was initially given; but with the classroom and clinical combination, everything gelled together. I absolutely love all of the NLI instructors. The wealth of knowledge and experience far exceeds any institution of learning that I have attended. However, their personalities, personal approach and kindness just added icing to the cake! Thank you NLI for the experience of a lifetime.

Jenessa Wadlington 866 of 2167
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Highly recommend attending this class if you are interested in pursuing services with lasers. Instructors are experienced, well informed and happy to share their work experience and technique with you!

Barbara Nolan 867 of 2167
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I learned so much information about lasers. I never thought of knowing. The instructors made me feel so comfortable and really helped me understand everything. Coming here was the best decision I've ever made.

Kayleigh Warmath 868 of 2167
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The experience was great. Got to learn a lot and get the hands on which is very helpful to the students to get prepared in this area. The instructors were amazing and very friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and were ready to help us in every way.

Raquel Sanchez 869 of 2167
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I'm so glad I decided to attend NLI, the experience here was so much more than I expected.

Hannah Hendricks 870 of 2167

Medical Professionals