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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I loved all of the educators & training. I came in not knowing exactly what to expect. NLI has given me handfuls of tricks and knowledge that I look forward to taking with me in my new career.

Chelsea Taylor 871 of 2338
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I had the best time here. The instructors were awesome and very knowledgeable. I will recommend this school to anyone that wants a career change into laser technology.

Kayla Harvey 872 of 2338
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NLI was such an amazing experience: All the instructors and staff were awesome.

Mariela Marquez 873 of 2338
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All of the teachers were fun, informational and very professional. Monica was my favorite teacher with her upbeat attitude and how smart/ informational/ detailed she is.

Mackenzie Cameron 874 of 2338
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Currently working on my last year of my bachelor's degree and decided to come to NLI because I'm obsessed with skin and want to be a dermatologist. The experience was amazing and there's not a day that went by that I didn't fall more in love with this industry. The instructors all definitely prepared me for med school!

Khrystine Acuna 875 of 2338
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It was the most educational experience ever. I didn't think I would be able to soak it all in but the instructors made it so easy.

Myra Ochoa-Valerio 876 of 2338
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Absolutely wonderful! I learned so much more than I thought I would.

Maggie Windham 877 of 2338
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Best school for laser technicians!

Lori Nguyen 878 of 2338
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Extremely educational and exceptional learning environment. Only the best lasers.

Mitzie Sparks 879 of 2338
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I loved NLI! The teachers were the best and so real with us!

Nikayla Wood 880 of 2338
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Definitely a great experience! I've left here a lot more educated and excited to bring this knowledge to my clients

Rita Capaldi 881 of 2338
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My experience has been overall very informative. Super excited and very happy to have chosen this profession.

Rosa Valenciano-Colon 882 of 2338
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Why did I wait this long is the question I would have to ask myself. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at NLI! The classroom didactic phase and the hands on phase were both phenomenal. The instructors made this all possible! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, years of experience, and your stories. They will help me tremendously as I enter into this "new career change". You ROCK NLI.

Carla DuCree 883 of 2338
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NLI has great instructors with many years of experience. NLI instructors have many great experiences to teach from and great advise for students. NLI offers a lot of hands on to go out into the field feeling confident in what you are doing. NLI offers a variety on all the latest technology that is out in the laser world today. I would not change a thing about NLI and I am very happy to have chosen NLI as my school of choice.

Crystal Mireles 884 of 2338
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NLI has a wonderful staff, a clean and sterile place to learn and work. The speakers are amazing. Overall I would come back again and again if they let me. It was so much fun. And I learned so much. I am very confident to work with every laser. Thank you, NLI. I heart u.

Christine Delphidio 885 of 2338

Medical Professionals