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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

901 of 1555

Awesome does not do justice to this school and the teachers. They are beyond great and you learn so much! Everyone truly cares about your experience here. It's like being with family.

Cyleste Townsend 901 of 1555
902 of 1555

My experience was so much better than expected! I met amazing friends, phenomenal and supportive teachers, and got to train on awesome equipment I would recommend to anybody!

Kyli Ackerman 902 of 1555
903 of 1555

Amazing teachers! Loved the program so much!!

Emily Murillo 903 of 1555
904 of 1555

I loved my time at NLI! The instructors are very informative and I feel so prepared to start my new career!

Christen Summers 904 of 1555
905 of 1555

Every instructor was supportive of the entire class. Lots of fun as we learned our new career!

Karen Turner 905 of 1555
906 of 1555

I truly enjoyed myself! Love everyone! Truly blessed.

Tajah Herison 906 of 1555
907 of 1555

Amazing experience. I'm leaving feeling confident and excited. All staff is simply incredible and so helpful. Thank you.

Megan Zimmerman 907 of 1555
908 of 1555

My experience at NLI has been amazing! The instructors and trainers are so thorough and thoughtful. I'm not ready to leave and I would do it again!

Madeline Rayburn 908 of 1555
909 of 1555

My experience was very enjoyable. I have gained a lot of knowledge and the hands on training was amazing.

Dayna Hoeksema 909 of 1555
910 of 1555

NLI was everything I expected! The instructors were phenomenal - very good at what they do. I learned a lot of valuable info and am looking forward to my new career.

Faye Dozier 910 of 1555
911 of 1555

This has been an exceptional experience both educationally and emotionally. The instructors strive to not only teach the amazing skills we have learned throughout the course of the last 14 days, but also strive to lift students up and provide emotional encouragement and support. This has been an extremely positive experience on many levels.

Emily Long 911 of 1555
912 of 1555

My experience at NLI was amazing! All the instructors were very informative and nice. They took their time explaining things in a way we could all understand. All the staff was friendly and supportive. I would come back to retake the course if I was allowed just for the experience.

Kaitlyn Lattimore 912 of 1555
913 of 1555

There are many places you can choose to learn lasers. NLI sets themselves apart by the teachers. They are invested in YOUR SUCCESS! You can leave knowing you were taught by the best, used the most recent technology and have an amazing support system to help you reach your goals.

Mary Jo Schlanger 913 of 1555
914 of 1555

I am very happy that I chose NLI. All staff members were extremely nice, supportive, outgoing, and very informative!

Nayah Enokian 914 of 1555
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You will get the total low down and update for training, products, and marketing. Great program - highly recommend even if you just want to know what the industry is doing currently.

Heidi Brewke 915 of 1555

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