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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I learned an incredible amount of information in a short period of time. I felt like part of the NLI family... Everybody at NLI is so warm and caring. I will miss being here.

Melissa Girgins 931 of 2167
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NLI was a fantastic school setting and environment for learning. I will never forget my experience at NLI.

Mason Antonucci 932 of 2167
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It was amazing.

Yolanda Jones 933 of 2167
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I do not have education for skin treatments but the training was easy to understand. Also teacher was so good they are the best teacher ever. Thank you to make me feel smarter. Life changing. I love it.

Srining Tyashih 934 of 2167
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Highly will recommend this institute to future career changers!

Ariela Ganddini 935 of 2167
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The education I got during my time at NLI was unlike anything I could have imagined. I learned SO much in such a short period of time, but I left with a heart full of memories, and a mind full of knowledge. The instructors at NLI are truly one of a kind... They treat you like family and bestow so much confidence in you. They show you first hand what "the real world" is like, and they prepare you for whatever future jobs may come your way. Louis pumps you full of positive vibes, tips for success, and motivation when it comes to applying for jobs... It's almost impossible not to snag a job right out of school! Because of my education at NLI, I felt so confident and knowledgeable going into job interviews and it truly paid off. I accepted a laser tech position just one month after graduating, and I honestly could not have done it without the help of Louis and the rest of the NLI team!

Bethany Coupaud 936 of 2167
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This has been an absolutely amazing experience. I have enjoyed every instructor and all of the laser treatment classes. I will continue with my training and look forward to an exciting career.

Trisha Burk 937 of 2167
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I love NLI, they have the best teachers.

Nicole Peters 938 of 2167
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Awesome experience. The staff was amazing and I felt so confident in the knowledge taught to us. Will be back for further education, no doubt.

Jordyn Solorzano 939 of 2167
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NLI is like a big family! Loved my time here and will be back!

Kaite Carlson 940 of 2167
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I have had a wonderful experience, the instructors are outstanding and very helpful and knowledgable. I would definitely recommend their school to anyone who has interest in this industry.

Megan Lakey 941 of 2167
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My experience was great. I love NLI. Everyone here is so nice and informative. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Seheyia Rodriguez 942 of 2167
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I had a wonderful experience. I learned a lot, the instructors were very informative. They all had their own take on what they were showing us that helped us and we could all learn different techniques. Very much enjoyed my time here!

Alaina Bounds 943 of 2167
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I have no complaints, this institute has been such an amazing experience. All of my instructors were hands on and taught so well! Thank you for such a great experience.

Venessa Velez 944 of 2167
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I am so happy that I attended this course at NLI. Great experience. Just love it.

Krishna Shah 945 of 2167

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