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It was very good, very informative. Lots to take in.

Taighler Dougherty 946 of 2167
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All the teachers are very friendly, sweet, helpful and genuinely want to see you succeed. I learned so much, more than I ever expected. Thank you NLI for an amazing, wonderful experience.

Celsa Negron 947 of 2167
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Classroom setting with hands on training, intensive 16 days has proved to be most beneficial. I appreciate the didactic including speakers in the industry that provided knowledge of their laser products. Thank you to the instructors and staff for your time and attention to teaching our group.

Victoria Mancusos 948 of 2167
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The experience at NLI has been EPIC. Not only did I learn a lot about lasers and safety, but I also met amazing new friends. The instructors are so helpful and kind, I am going to find it hard to leave all these wonderful people.

Joseph Mathis 949 of 2167
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My experience was nothing short of amazing! Every teacher here truly loves what they do and made the experience here one of a kind! Thanks to all for such a wonderful time.

Brittany Clark 950 of 2167
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I love all the teachers! They are wonderful people.

Cassidy Hughes 951 of 2167
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After attending NLI, I now feel prepared to work in the laser industry. The course was great, and the educators really do a wonderful job of instructing us!

Alyssa Turner 952 of 2167
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Attending NLI has been one of the best experiences I have had. I absolutely love it. The staff is so lovable and the industry is amazing. I am in love and absolutely satisfied.

Yureli Ruiz 953 of 2167
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Love the vibe and environment in here. So happy I made the right choice by coming to this school. I feel confident in what I know and that I have a good foundation in this industry.

Sarah Byerly 954 of 2167
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I've had one of the best weeks of my life so far. Coming here and meeting genuine amazing instructors has made my love for the industry grow even more.

Itzel Rojas 955 of 2167
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Overall excellent experience. Absolutely loved all of the instructors. Learned so much. Everyone is so friendly and intelligent.

Aubrie Langelier 956 of 2167
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It was a great experience.

Loren Northcutt 957 of 2167
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I very much enjoyed my time at NLI. Everyone was very nice and the course covered more topics than I originally thought.

Anonymous 958 of 2167
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I have enjoyed the whole experience. All the instructors were great, informative and patient.

Amanda Barrientos 959 of 2167
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Personally, my experience with NLI was absolutely amazing! I learned so much, the instructors were great, I was inspired, and I was lucky enough to meet amazing new people. Thank you for everything I gained from this coarse. I would definitely recommend NLI to anyone looking to get into medical aesthetics!

Clarisanna Reyes 960 of 2167

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