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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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My experience at NLI was everything I expected and more! It was amazing, great instructors that know what they're doing and are good at it! I would recommend NLI, the school and spa to everyone!

Nicole Rafford 961 of 2128
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I love the fact that we all learn everything all in one sitting. There are a lot of synergy when we learn it that way. The staff is very efficient! They know what they were doing.

Sara McCarthy 962 of 2128
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National Laser Institute went above and beyond my expectations. The instructors are truly passionate about their work and I feel confident in leaving here and starting a successful career. Coming here made me excited about my future!

Chelsea Kolbusz 963 of 2128
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My experience here at National Laser Institute has been very informative. Everyone is smart, kind, and helpful.

Victoria Eubanas 964 of 2128
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NLI is definitely worth all of the money and time. Best decision I've made yet.

Michaela Arradaza 965 of 2128
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I had an amazing experience at NLI. All the instructors were really awesome, very knowledgeable!

Cierra Jaramillo 966 of 2128
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I had a great experience at NLI. I can't complain about any of the staff. The education was wonderful.

Makenzi stiles 967 of 2128
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My experience here has been amazing. I've learned so much by great instructors and have met wonderful people. I'm so happy I decided to come to school here.

Hannah Gilpin 968 of 2128
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NLI has changed my life and gave me motivation I have never had. It's opened my eye up to a new career and so many opportunities for me! I have never felt more welcome and loved by the instructors in any other school setting! I'm so sad it's almost over!

Jenna Thomas 969 of 2128
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I love the school. Half the material I learned I had no idea would be included. I've gained a lot of confidence learning different machines, experience with real clients. I'm excited to go back home and open my spa.

Charniece Avery 970 of 2128
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My experience at NLI has been amazing. The staff, my admin rep and instructors have been phenomenal. They are so passionate about what they do and are patient with students.

Stephanie Adams 971 of 2128
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I invented myself and my future with the help of NLI. Now I feel ready to conquer all my goals.

Vanessa Zuniga 972 of 2128
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Thanks NLI for giving me my experience.

Ran Phuo 973 of 2128
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I had a very nice time. I feel educated enough to start in this career. I have seen and heard different teaching styles and I feel very prepared! I definitely would come back for more training.

Devin Smith 974 of 2128
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Great experience, fell like I have enough confidence in my training to perform as a technician on my own.

Mysti Kirkpatrick 975 of 2128

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