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Aesthetician & Career Changers

976 of 2128

I absolutely loved the instructors and staff and the courses changed my life.

Karla Mitchell 976 of 2128
977 of 2128

I love National Laser Institute. I feel so accomplished and like opportunities are at my fingertips. Love tattoo removal.

Elizabeth Parker 977 of 2128
978 of 2128

Best decision I ever made!

Helen Coquin 978 of 2128
979 of 2128

I am so very happy I made this decision to take this course. I have expanded my knowledge further. All the instructors were absolutely amazing! I enjoyed every day, every minute. Thanks to all!

Teresa Dowd 979 of 2128
980 of 2128

I absolutely loved all of the instructors. They all made sure we understood everything and that we got the best training. Everybody is so sweet and kind. I'm so ready to start working in the industry.

Erin Davis 980 of 2128
981 of 2128

NLI was such an amazing experience. I've had such a great time with each instructor. I will absolutely be coming back for my treatment. A+

Katriana Copeland 981 of 2128
982 of 2128

This experience was worth every penny! I learned so much and the instructors were incredible. Loved every detail about this program.

Amy Mancuso 982 of 2128
983 of 2128

Thank you for the email and the portal! I loved the whole experience and the teachers. I especially loved Sam I thought she did a phenomenal job explaining the exact theory of how the lasers work and what they target in different ways and examples for everyone to picture and understand.

Sarah Corso 983 of 2128
984 of 2128

Fantastic experience here at NLI. I feel confident with my training and with the educators knowledge. I'm surprised how much I have learned. The format has been great as classes build on the foundation of earlier classes. Best money I've ever spent on education. Fantastic experience. I am so excited to start working in the real world.

Tami Young 984 of 2128
985 of 2128

I could have never learned this much anywhere else! I am confident in starting my business.

Samer Muala 985 of 2128
986 of 2128

I found all the staff very easy to be around. They all made me feel so comfortable! I learned so much and feel confident in my new career!

Andrea Lindberg 986 of 2128
987 of 2128

I was not sure I wanted to go, but it was definitely worth my time and money.

Deborah Willaghby 987 of 2128
988 of 2128

The school is amazing, you gain so much knowledge and the instructors and staff are one of the greatest staffs I have ever worked with.

Emily Balogn 988 of 2128
989 of 2128

Most amazing experience. Everyone is extremely nice and outgoing. I learned so much and so many different techniques. Best decision I've ever done.

Iridian Esquivel 989 of 2128
990 of 2128

I learned so much! The staff and instructors were fantastic and so helpful every step of the way!

Krystal Valera 990 of 2128

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