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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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My experience at National Laser Institute was amazing and learned so much about the techniques behind the laser and the difference between all the different levels of lasers that can do wonders for the skin.

Virginia Villanueva 1021 of 2214
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The instructors at NLI are great teachers. The time and patience with each and every student was more than I received at a University. I loved it.

Rhonda Corn-Kidd 1022 of 2214
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Great experience. All of the instructors really know their stuff. The staff makes you feel at home. Everyone wants to help as much as they could to ensure your success after you leave NLI.

Khalilah James 1023 of 2214
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Excellent class. I would say awesome experience. You learn a whole lot in such a short time. I definitely recommend this course to everybody.

Yizet Tomb 1024 of 2214
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This program has been amazing. I feel like I learned so much and I feel ready to start working.

Cornelia Hein 1025 of 2214
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I really enjoyed my experience at this facility. I hope that my experience and training will help me get a job in this field in my home town. I have also decided to go get my LVN so I an attend NLI's injectables courses.

Jessica Carrington 1026 of 2214
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Everything was great. True great teachers. Very good pointer and tips. Loved going to this school.

Katelyn Dorey 1027 of 2214
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Best educated experience I've had since I became a civilian. Educators/ instructors were very knowledgeable and great hands on instructors.

Michelle Rivera 1028 of 2214
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I love all the instructors they are wonderful and very knowledgeable! They give great advice and I'm very thankful.

Jazmyn Morales 1029 of 2214
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Great experience... Professionalism is right here! Great staff. LOVE it!

Miracle Foster 1030 of 2214
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Loved all the instructors! I came to learn about laser hair removal but learned so much here!

Hita Bhakta 1031 of 2214
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Perfect experience. Lovely staff. Love them.

Suha Al-Nazen 1032 of 2214
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I had a wonderful time at NLI! I've learned so much in only 17 days. The instructors were super patient and very hands on. I feel comfortable going out and working on real clients!

Diana Gonzalez 1033 of 2214
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Amazing instructors! Amazing experience! I had a wonderful time with the teachers and cliental.

Alicia Bankert 1034 of 2214
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What a great program. Truly comprehensive. Phenomenal instructors and a gorgeous facility. Didactic and hands on is a golden combo. Thank you NLI! Feeling confident and marketable, due to my education here.

Jenny Bingham 1035 of 2214

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