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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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All age groups are honored. I am a senior citizen and I was treated the same as everyone else and with total respect. This has taken me out of retirement to fulfill my life’s ambition!


Rudene Wible 91 of 1860
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National Laser Institute was wonderful. I feel like I received very thorough information and instruction to go out and be successful in this industry. The knowledge that I’m leaving with has given me the confidence I needed to proceed with my career change and new job search. The instruction was incredible!


Roxanne Reid 92 of 1860
93 of 1860

I loved attending NLI. I really enjoyed the hands-on learning and training. National Laser Institute has a positive learning environment.


Amanda M. Sierra 93 of 1860
94 of 1860

The instructors and staff are awesome! Everyone was very professional and knowledgable. I liked that the instructors were from all walks of life and showed you how to be successful in a variety of ways.


Kaitlin Crawford 94 of 1860
95 of 1860

I absolutely enjoyed my experience here. The ladies here are superb. I felt like I learned so many great techniques. The teachers are amazing!


Heather Arnott 95 of 1860
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It was all smiles from the beginning! The instructors are so nice and full of great knowledge. This is such a great industry to be apart of. They truly care about the rolls they play in our lives. My experience has been truly inspiring and I look forward to my career in esthetics!


Quincy Culver 96 of 1860
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National Laser Institute was a wonderful real life experience of the laser world! The teachers, staff, and clients were so wonderful. I can’t wait to see my future with what I’ve learned!


Hillary G. 97 of 1860
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Picking National Laser Institute for my education was the best decision I’ve ever made! My experience at NLI was amazing. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming. I will recommend NLI to anyone wanting to get into medical aesthetics!


Lindsay Bishop 98 of 1860
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Everyone at NLI is extremely knowledgeable. I absolutely loved the training I received. It's a comfortable, positive learning environment. From the beginning to the end, this has been a journey of positive growth and a field I'm very excited to pursue.

Laci Kooser 99 of 1860
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The experience here was excellent! The instructors were top-notch and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in learning about cosmetic lasers.


Mark Harmen 100 of 1860
101 of 1860

National Laser Institute was such a great experience. I would take the 16-day course all over again if I could. I learned so much and all the staff and instructors were so helpful.


Sarah Valverde 101 of 1860
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I had an amazing experience at NLI! I learned so much and retained more then I could imagine. All the staff at this school screams passion and that made every day so inspirational. So thankful I chose this school and invested in this education for this industry! Two weeks but I feel so accomplished on so many levels. Thank you NLI!

Amanda Pierce 102 of 1860
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I had an excellent time here at National Laser Institute. I wouldn’t have changed a thing! The instructors were so professional and educated.


Alexandra Hytto-Alley 103 of 1860
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National Laser Institute opened another door that I thought was closed for me in this industry. Thank you so much.


Erica Titues 104 of 1860
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This is the best school I’ve ever been to! The instructors are all so amazing and helpful. I’ve learned so much in the last two weeks and can’t wait to start my career!


Brianna Yanik 105 of 1860

Medical Professionals

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I learned so much every day. I was so exhausted by the end of the day, but the very knowledgeable and friendly instructors made it worth it. Great hands-on skills!

Peggy Denton 91 of 690
92 of 690

I had a great experience! I feel confident in my knowledge of lasers and all the treatments available.

Ann Wheldon Kelley 92 of 690
93 of 690

Loved it! The staff was upbeat, friendly and knowledgeable. Everything was taught with enthusiasm. Instructors gave valuable advice regarding treatments and clinical practice. My fellow students will be lifelong friends, I’m sure.

Mary Cole Almgren, PA 93 of 690
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I was so glad that I attended the National Laser Institute. Thanks to NLI, I have fulfilled requirements and received credentials to work in an assortment of doctor’s offices and increase my annual salary!

Lori Koehler, LVN 94 of 690
95 of 690

Career changing experience I can immediately apply!

Leigh Ann Johnson 95 of 690
96 of 690

The weekend was more than I expected. Great practical clinical knowledge and marketing tips. I truly believe this will positively impact my practice and the care I provide to my patients.

Joy Clark, Family Nurse Practitioner 96 of 690
97 of 690

I came into this program not knowing much about lasers and realized it was a much larger realm of treatments than I expected! The instructors were fabulous and I learned a lot. Lessons were extensive and in-depth but easy to learn. I learned a multitude of information all at once! I'm definitely making the switch to aesthetics.

April Torrestorja 97 of 690
98 of 690

This is my second time here at National Laser Institute and I've enjoyed it each time! I definitely feel like I got my money's worth. The instructors were knowledgeable, interesting, and spoke with great delivery. I enjoyed each and every one!

Linda Love 98 of 690
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This is a fantastic program. It’s refreshing to be able to learn so much from so many energetic, talented experts all in one place.

Dr. Jayson Dupre, MD 99 of 690
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Great class, excellent experience, and lots of hands-on!

Susan Lowery 100 of 690
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The instructors and staff her displayed enthusiasm for what they are doing. They were very helpful and eager to answer questions!

Melissa Beatty 101 of 690
102 of 690

Everyone here was very friendly and willing to answer any questions that I had. I felt very comfortable with all the instructors.

Virginia Chaucer 102 of 690
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Far exceeded my expectations. Betty was a great teacher! Thanks, NLI!

Sandeep S. Grewal 103 of 690
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I've been interested in lasers for many years. I've heard great things about courses here from practitioners. I feel like this was well worth my time, and I'm ready to continue practicing.

Ellen Kasper 104 of 690
105 of 690

Thank you so much, National Laser Institute! I was very pleased with my experience this weekend. I am looking forward to launching my own business in this field. My clinical instructors were excellent. I would also like to take a minute to compliment your staff, especially Tori and Shana. They showed much professionalism and handled things with grace. I look forward to taking further courses with NLI in the future.

Dinorah Villafana 105 of 690