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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I have enjoyed myself the past two weeks. All of the teachers are great!

Britny Edwards 1036 of 2214
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I can honestly say that National Laser Institute has more than prepared me for my career in the medical aesthetics world. I have never been more confident in my future. Above all of that, the instructors are amazing. They have become like family to me and I will miss them each day.

Molly Parsons 1037 of 2214
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Wonderful experience. Great instructors. Very knowledgable. Very good at explaining treatments and equipment - great hands on training.

Kathleen Heffernan 1038 of 2214
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One of the best decisions I've made. Great learning experience and the whole staff is awesome.

Nicole Billelo 1039 of 2214
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Taking the 2 week course at the National Laser Institute was the best decision I ever made. It's been a wonderful experience.

Georgia Edling 1040 of 2214
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Amazing experience, I'm glad I picked this place.

Rylee Mapes 1041 of 2214
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Learned a ton of information, made great friends, had amazing experiences. I feel confident enough to go out there and get a job.

Terry Randolph 1042 of 2214
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I was unsure of my decision prior to attending but the instructor staff helped so much with tricks of the trade, respected my individuality and were very informative.

Schalina Sambra 1043 of 2214
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Had the best time of my life (so far) here! I loved everything about NLI. From the instructors to the lasers. I seriously don't want to leave.

Haley Cohen 1044 of 2214
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Best experience of my life! So blessed to have experienced something so great like this.

Alyssa Brown 1045 of 2214
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I loved the atmosphere here at NLI. The front desk staff, to the teachers, to the owner, were just amazing! Such a great experience that I will never forget and am so lucky I got the chance to do! Thank you NLI!

Caitlyn Berger 1046 of 2214
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The instructors were great! They were all very good at what they do and had great methods to helping all of us with our technique. They have been in business for a very long time and are some of the beset in the industry.

Dominique Lombard 1047 of 2214
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I have been an aesthetician for 16 years in NV. I should've done this a long time ago. Great learning!

Marie Culbertson 1048 of 2214
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NLI was a great choice for me. I feel I have new skills in a upcoming and growing industry to start my new and exciting career.

Connie Baum 1049 of 2214
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It went by fast! Enjoy the learning time I had here.

Paula Kusch 1050 of 2214

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