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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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Wonderful experience, will definitely recommend to a friend.

Laura Melo 1051 of 2214
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I have decided to make a career change that is more relaxing. Staff positive energy and go out of their way to make sure you understand everything. You will not go wrong choosing NLI.

Gidget Carte 1052 of 2214
1053 of 2214

I love everyone. Kelly, Elly, Sam, Debbie, were amazing! And Pooja!!!

Jada Johnson 1053 of 2214
1054 of 2214

Walking into NLI I wasn't expecting such a fun environment. The two weeks attending NLI was such a awesome/ great experience and I wouldn't take it back! I loved every second of it and was motivated every single day!!!!

Arianna Gonzales 1054 of 2214
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I loved every experience and teachers.

Heather Starr 1055 of 2214
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Great training! I feel ready to use it on my patients and I like that I will still have support from my instructors.

Katelyn Carmical, MD 1056 of 2214
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Looking forward to getting into the industry and feeling confident as I start my new career.

Sharon Pearson 1057 of 2214
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Again, everything was what I expected and exceeded my expectations. I will recommend this course to everyone.

Brittany Ward 1058 of 2214
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My experience with NLI has exceeded my expectations! The hands-on experience really helped to build my confidence. The instructors all were extremely kind, knowledgeable, and available for questions. I look forward to taking more classes in the future and I thank NLI for making this experience a memorable one.

Brittany Toro, RN 1059 of 2214
1060 of 2214

NLI is a great learning environment.

Railee Reece 1060 of 2214
1061 of 2214

I heard that NLI was the best, and they did not disappoint! Everyone was super friendly and knowledgeable and they made sure we were all very comfortable performing the procedures. I can’t wait to take the skills I learned here out into the world and help my clients look and feel their best! Thank you!

Bailey Downing, RN 1061 of 2214
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Staff is outstanding! Very fun!

Sarah Wright 1062 of 2214
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The best school/ education/ instructors I've ever had.

Gabrielle Bell 1063 of 2214
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NLI exceeded my expectations and I am beyond happy with my decision to go here! The knowledge and confidence I've gained is irreplaceable and so rewarding.

Samantha Ybarra 1064 of 2214
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I feel like I learned so much!

Bailey Johnson 1065 of 2214

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