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Aesthetician & Career Changers

1066 of 2214

The staff was great. So sad school is ending. 🙁

Ashley Museing 1066 of 2214
1067 of 2214

By far best experience! Instructors are very knowledgable and want you to do well. Everyone's passion and drive for our success is felt from the moment you walk through the door! I don't want school to end.

Shayna Pace 1067 of 2214
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My experience with National Laser Institute was amazing. I know that I will be successful because this schools training is the best!

Alexandra David 1068 of 2214
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The entire experience was wonderful. I have expanded my laser knowledge much and I am anxious to put it into practice. I feel that NLI has given me the tools and confidence to operate any laser safely and effectively. The staff and instructors were so amazingly helpful, friendly, and knowledgable. I highly recommend NLI.

Alyssa Davila 1069 of 2214
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I really enjoyed it here. Meet good instructors that taught well!

Marion McCulley 1070 of 2214
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NLI is an amazing school! The staff and instructors are very attentive and informative. I definitely feel I have learned the necessary skills to thrive in the laser industry.

Rachel Byars 1071 of 2214
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It was amazing. I debated on coming here as a single mother tight on money. I felt so lost when I was first here, but Angela took me in and made me believe in myself.

Brittaneey Bates 1072 of 2214
1073 of 2214

Got my moneys worth. Loved it!

Corl McCarthy 1073 of 2214
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NLI was a wonderful experience with wonderful people!

Patricia Adams 1074 of 2214
1075 of 2214

My experience was great. So grateful I had the opportunity!

Tera Lawrence 1075 of 2214
1076 of 2214

My experience at NLI was incredible! I learned and gained so much in such a short period of time and am so thankful for the opportunity.

Kelly Ertte 1076 of 2214
1077 of 2214

It was good. Took esthetics to another level.

Risha Naidu 1077 of 2214
1078 of 2214

It was an amazing experience and I learned so much. I loved it. Sad to leave.

Emily Coon 1078 of 2214
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Best thing I have ever done is make a choice in my life that was solely chosen for myself. To better myself and grow as a person and do something I truly love doing. I really thought there was no success or future beyond nursing school which was taken away from me. But never in my life would I be saying I am glad all that happened because I never would of been on that plane to Chicago if it didn't. I met some of the worlds most wonderful people and achieved such incredible knowledge. I have gained so much from all the girls at the National Laser Institute and I can not wait to continue on with my dreams and the next part of my life. ❤️

Tanya 1079 of 2214
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Everyone is very nice, and they make you feel welcome.

Stephanie Wooldridge 1080 of 2214

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