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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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Teachers are amazing and have excellent techniques.

Bonnie Dunn 1081 of 2214
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I totally recommend NLI to any of my friends who want to take the laser course. I learned a lot of skills and technique. The instructors are awesome and they try to teach us everything they know.

Menghee Shin 1082 of 2214
1083 of 2214

It was great, I learned a lot and felt like the teachers spent time with me and made sure I understood everything. The hands on portion was the best, it helped me so much. I enjoyed the whole week.

Lisa Oros 1083 of 2214
1084 of 2214

I absolutely loved this experience and could not have asked for better instructors. Sam and Crystal were so helpful with all of their knowledge and you can tell they really care about their students and are passionate about their field of work. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in Medical Aesthetics and or Laser.

Sarah Simone 1084 of 2214
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It was very intense and certainly no vacation, but the experience and knowledge I gained was well worth the time and money spent.

Pat Glenn 1085 of 2214
1086 of 2214

Everyone was so helpful and they make you feel so at home. I learned so much in a short time. It has made me feel so accomplished and excited about my new start.

Tammy Woody 1086 of 2214
1087 of 2214

I really enjoyed all of the didactic and clinical days of the course. The teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly and have high energy. I am very proud to be associated with NLI and their staff members. Really awesome group!

Kim Fore 1087 of 2214
1088 of 2214

It was great from start to finish!

Jazmin Owens 1088 of 2214
1089 of 2214

Thank you NLI for all of the wonderful information and learning experience!

Jaliza Gil 1089 of 2214
1090 of 2214

I learned lots of things in this course, they prepared us to work in a world of beauty that is constantly growing. Good experience. Thank You.

Laura Juarez de Marquez 1090 of 2214
1091 of 2214

So fun, learned so much. Loved the whole experience from start to finish. Absolutely amazing!

Julie Hammell 1091 of 2214
1092 of 2214

I learned so much at NLI and became a lot more interested than I thought I would be. I feel so excited to further my career and already have so much passion for everything I learned.

Maggie Mandile 1092 of 2214
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I absolutely loved my time at NLI! The teachers and staff were amazing and inspiring. My experience here has changed my life!!

Rachel Allison 1093 of 2214
1094 of 2214

A few things that started off negative turned around an overall great experience!

Dianna Frances 1094 of 2214
1095 of 2214

Fun and the instructors were very smart and knowledgeable.

Dolores Hofeling 1095 of 2214

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