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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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National Laser Institute is awesome! The instructors were great and I learned so much. In a way I wish it were longer so I can keep learning, but I guess I will just have to take more classes!!


Charmane Fletcher 106 of 1935
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Great place to begin your laser aesthetics profession!

Zach Richardson 107 of 1935
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As I told my husband, friends, and family, coming to National Laser Institute was the best choice I’ve made in my career life. The staff at NLI is the best, and I hope I am fortunate enough to work with a group that is just as amazing. They really are the heart and foundation of the school. The love for what they do shine thoroughly and their generosity is apparent every day!


Krys Givens 108 of 1935
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This course was fantastic. The pace was smooth yet challenging and the equipment was state of the art, but the most memorable will be the people that gave the instruction. Everyone was so knowledgeable, friendly and patient and all with an EXCELLENT sense of humor. I was the only male in the class so there were certainly some good laughs in between GREAT learning.

Thanks to Shana, Hilary, Melissa, Jennifer, Tori and Louis for putting together a fantastic learning experience!


Jason Friesen 109 of 1935
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I came to this school with a lot of anxiety but after the first day I knew my education was in good hands! I went from feeling overwhelemed to feeling VERY overprepared for this industry. The teachers are absolutely amazing and I am blown away by the amount of knowledge they give us. Money well spent! Best decision I've ever made!

Courtney Overbaugh 110 of 1935
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National Laser Institute was an amazing experience. All the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and highly energetic. I would highly recommend National Laser Institute to those looking to expand their current career in aesthetics or anyone looking to start a new career.


Cynthia Cline 111 of 1935
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Overall, this was an amazing experience. The teachers were very attentive and took their time to answer any question I had. At the end of the course, I felt very experienced and also comfortable with the equipment. I loved this place! I’ll always remember the knowledge and friends I gained.


Hina Lakhany 112 of 1935
113 of 1935

I had a remarkable experience at National Laser Institute in Dallas, literally from beginning to the sad end! I really hated to leave behind all the amazing women I met both as far as staff and students! I don’t think I could have written every detail of this experience out myself and made it anymore fabulous. Forgive me if this drags on a bit, but I do want to share most every positive experience I had!

I have been considering going into the laser field for a couple of years now and looked at several schools, all of which were a jaunt from where I live. To say I was skeptical to try to pick a school online would be an understatement! I try to be diligent in where I put my energy and my money, and even though there is a school 100 miles from me I had to dismiss the idea of going there because no one ever responded to email or even phone calls in reference to enrolling—not to mention a “college level” entrance essay was required. Somehow I feel a bit of entitlement when choosing a technical school and that I am the interviewer not the interviewee!

I finally decided to call National Laser Institute because every single time I did a Google search, National Laser Institute was not only the first link but more often than not always went several search pages back, so that said to me that someone puts a lot of energy, passion and resources into promotion, which usually means that same passion will be found in other places. National Laser Institute did not disappoint! One phone call and two emails later (literally days before class started) I was enrolled and on my way to Dallas on a whispered prayer that the school and instructors would at least meet my expectations.

I was impressed from the first moment! The outside of the school was impressive, the lobby immaculate, the receptionists were friendly and capable. With no delay I was sitting in class. I am a details person, so I find that I am more impressed by the small things than the most obvious. The pride and passion shows from the decor to the folders that came with our text books. The classroom studio seating was great as well, having the last ten or so years of my background being real estate-related I can’t neglect to mention that I LOVED the bathrooms! Who actually buys covers, not just any covers, but covers with bling for their toilet water tubes? I was so impressed and got such a kick out of it that I took a picture of it and shared it on my facebook!

Onto instructors! Ami stood out to me in her ability to keep control of the class with the same grace as I imagine a Harvard professor would! Her patience and thoroughness was simply amazing even under stress. Never, with any instructor I had (Ami, Kellie, Melissa, Monica, Evee, Sandra, I hope I didn’t miss anyone) lacked enthusiasm and an absolute passion for their job and love of the field, and those things can’t be faked. Kellie works her butt off for her students to make sure they get what they need. Evee is just a super star all on her own and a joy to be around and learn from! Monica is such a hoot and passionate about the things she loves. Sandra, just wow! Just when I thought I couldn’t take another day of BBL, she opened doors I may not have ever discovered with introductions to improved techniques and patience with me beyond measure trying to help me finally wrap my mind completely around pulse width. She literally explained it to me in enough different ways that it finally clicked and stuck in my mind with what seemed like never ending patience!

I cannot stress enough what a great experience this was for me. I would do it all over again! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Louis for all of his energy, passion, attention to detail and continued follow up to make NATIONAL LASER INSTITUTE THE BEST! Now if he could only bottle a little of his energy up and share it, that would be just great! His passion shows in every detail from cleanliness to front desk to his amazing instructors and staff. I feel beyond blessed to have encountered everyone of amazing ladies in Dallas and even one from AZ and to be even a small part of such a great experience!


Beverly Scida 113 of 1935
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When you enter a new direction in life, you have certain expectations and hopes for the outcome. National Laser Institute was so well-staffed and carried balanced attitudes about their professions... which instilled a different passion in my than I could ever hope or expect. THANK YOU!

Katelyn Wernsing 114 of 1935
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At National Laser Institute, I had an amazing experience full of staff that helped me get one step closer to my passion. They were all so helpful and knowledgeable, and I learned so much valuable information as well as gained so much confidence in this field due to having great instructors who cared about me and my success!


Jessica Schofield 115 of 1935
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I’m very impressed with everything I learned from the instructors. They all went above and beyond to make my experience great, making me see what a bright future I have ahead of me. Thank you all for being a part of my journey!


Amanda Hauptman 116 of 1935
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Attending National Laser Institute has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! The knowledge the instructors provided blew my mind. Not only did I receive the education I was looking for, I received one-on-one attention. Thank you, National Laser Institute, for such a great experience. Time to start making money!


Amy Tuhy 117 of 1935
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What an amazing place this is! Not just what happens in here physically, but the hearts that reside in each one of those people that work here. God bless you all!


Stephanie Kampf 118 of 1935
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Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was mostly new for me, but I still learned a lot!

Susy Aschne 119 of 1935
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I highly recommend taking the comprehensive laser training program. The instructors are amazing! National Laser Institute is an outstanding laser school, and I feel very confident leaving to start my new career!

Nicole Davis 120 of 1935

Medical Professionals

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All the instructors were very knowledgeable and supportive. Great pieces of wisdom, especially in preventing and treating adverse side effects. I learned it’s super important to evaluate patients to be sure that they are eligible to receive treatments. I was glad to see that there was so much focus on safety.

Dr. Jill Kirkpatrick 106 of 692
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I can’t say enough good things about National Laser Institute. I’ve never had a more positive and happy week in my medical career that I can remember!

Valeria Schneider, RN 107 of 692
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My experience at National Laser Institute was nothing like I expected. The staff are all knowledgeable professionals in the areas in which they teach, not to mention all of them were beyond helpful and friendly. I plan on coming back to attend more classes. National Laser Institute is a highly recommend school and I’m so happy with my results!

Ariana Franco 108 of 692
109 of 692

National Laser Institute provides a great classroom and clinical course that fully prepares professionals to administer Botox and dermal fillers on their own, regardless of their past background. I appreciated the great support from the instructors. The procedures were very well explained and everyone's questions were answered very well. The instructors are so knowledgeable, kind, and provide informative information. I feel prepared as an RN to inject in a clinical setting with confidence.

Rebekah Daigle 109 of 692
110 of 692

I had such a great time and learned so much would like to take more courses and would recommend this course to all professionals wanting to learn about injectables.

Alexis Harsh, RN MSN CNP 110 of 692
111 of 692

This course has exceeded my expectations. The instructors without a doubt are experts in the aesthetic industry! They have the expertise and experience and knowledge and assist well in clinicals to help build confidence. I loved their enthusiasm!

Angela Slump 111 of 692
112 of 692

I had no idea I would have so much fun learning about lasers. I was very nervous about the career change, but now I’m excited I attended and am ready for my future in medical aesthetics!

Mazeen Sinno 112 of 692
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Not only is everyone here great with their skills, they are also very knowledgably and friendly. All the staff works to help clients feel comfortable, and all clients we worked on walked out happy with their experience!

Sylvia Salas 113 of 692
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It has been amazing to attend this class! I have never met a better group of instructors that work as a team to help us in any way they can.

Judy Willis 114 of 692
115 of 692

Loved the experience! Everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend to anyone who asked. Shana and Jan are excellent, and Amanda was incredible. Tori is indispensable.

Cherie 115 of 692
116 of 692

Absolutely loved my experience. I learned so much and am excited about this journey of doing Botox and fillers. I am definitely planning on taking more classes. I would recommend your classes to anyone inquiring about aesthetics! Thank you so much!

Mary Beth Medina, MSN FNP-C 116 of 692
117 of 692

I’ve been looking into this school for two and a half years, and I’m SO glad I finally came! The curriculum and experiences here have opened my eyes to new ways to treat and keep skin healthy and young.

Marissa White 117 of 692
118 of 692

NLI was such a positive experience. The staff is fun and smart and very good at their jobs. I loved the lasers!

Amanda Keifer 118 of 692
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The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and informative. I would recommend this school to all my friends!

Lori Campos 119 of 692
120 of 692

This course was informative and educational. The skills I’ve learned here will benefit my practice very much.

Dr. David C. Millard 120 of 692