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Sculptra® Aesthetic Injection Course

Get ready to learn how to inject the latest and greatest Sculptra® Aesthetic injection techniques to contour the face and body and regenerate collagen to restore lost volume for mindblowing results lasting up to 2 years!

Sculptra® is one of the most popular biomodulators on the market. Sculptra® Aesthetic offers so much more than traditional dermal fillers: not only does it instantly improve the fullness of lost tissue, but it also stimulates collagen production within the skin. Stand out from other injectors by honing your expertise in the most sought-after anti-aging treatment that gives your patients what they want: restored tissue volume that increases over 2 years!

National Laser Institute’s 1-day Sculptra Aesthetic Injection Course will teach you to perform the hottest dermal filler on the market immediately upon completing your training. Attendees will receive a combination of classroom instruction with hands-on training in a retail medical spa to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver optimal patient results.

Master the Art of Sculptra Aesthetic Injecting

As the country’s leader in medical aesthetics training, the National Laser Institute is offering a brand new Sculptra Aesthetic Injection Course. This course features advanced training on Sculptra® (injectable poly-L-lactic acid) injection techniques in a comprehensive, live patient, hands-on training environment on pre-selected models.

The Sculptra Aesthetic Injection Course is packed with comprehensive and useful information, giving you all the knowledge you need to begin providing treatments to your patients. We will cover both clinical considerations and cosmetic topics that will help you communicate effectively with your patients.

Additionally, you will learn how to build a successful practice and take advantage of the growing demand for cosmetic injectables. This course will cover all aspects of Sculptra® Aesthetic filler injections and their proper use for lost tissue volume with a potential outcome illustrated below.

Sculptra® Aesthetic Before & After

Sculptra® Aesthetic Injection Course Objectives

Designed to help practitioners safely administer Sculptra Aesthetic to patients, this course will provide attendees with facial rejuvenation and body contouring procedures that meet the needs of their patients and offer enhanced care. It will enable practitioners to take their knowledge to the next level and provide the best aesthetic care possible.

The course will include instruction on the preparation of Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid), protocols, guidelines, and indications for patients who would benefit from these treatments in the following treatment areas:
  • Lift cheeks while eliminating jowls and marionette lines
  • Enhance cheekbones, chin, and jaw structure
  • Fill hollowed temples
  • Reduce smile lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Revolumize the forehead
  • Restore the decolletage, aging hands, and sagging upper arm tissue
  • Fill dimples and reduce the appearance of body contouring and stretchmarks on the buttocks and hips
  • Revitalize the chest, upper knees, and back of the arms

Upon completion of this course, attendees will:
  • Have the expertise needed to recognize individuals who will significantly benefit from Sculptra® Aesthetic treatments.
  • Review patient selection criteria and set realistic patient expectations for facial and body contouring treatments.
  • Develop comprehensive protocols for the procedure, including pre-and post-operative care.
  • Optimize results with appropriate preparation and dilution of Sculptra® Aesthetic fillers for facial and body treatments, as well as the use of combination therapies.
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of the use of microcannula injections to administer Sculptra® Aesthetic™, including fanning techniques and the direction of injection.
  • Acquire the skills to use Sculptra® Aesthetic to smooth and lift problem facial and body areas, providing a natural-looking aesthetic result.
  • Inject Sculptra® Aesthetic with microcannula to treat body contouring, either as a standalone treatment or in combination with other methods as well as how to incorporate this innovative technique into your practice for optimal results.
  • Review the anatomy of the most commonly requested body treatment areas, including any pertinent anatomical considerations. Additionally, outline pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions, as well as treatment protocols for optimal results.
  • Gain management techniques for complications, adverse results, and suboptimal outcomes of facial and body contouring procedures.
  • Know how to position yourself as the leader in Sculptra® Aesthetic services within your market area as well as how to research the necessary product information, pricing and packaging strategies, and overall marketing requirements and limitations associated with the procedure.

Classroom Didactic Education

Each day will kick off with classroom didactic followed by complete hands-on training the rest of the day.

Didactic content will include:
  • History of Sculptra® Aesthetic 
  • Safety utilizing Sculptra® Aesthetic
  • Cannula usage using Sculptra® Aesthetic
  • Understanding how and why Sculptra® Aesthetic (poly lactic acid) works for increasing collagen stimulation
  • Understanding how and why Sculptra® Aesthetic works as a biostimulator
  • Understanding the aging process and why a biostimulator works in conjunction with neuromodulators and dermal fillers
  • Safety in use and injection of Sculptra® Aesthetic
  • Learn the use of cannulas for facial treatment injections
  • Choosing the proper patient for Sculptra® Aesthetic
  • The consultation process for proper patient selection
  • Risks and benefits to use

This 2.5-hour didactic provides the basics of the use of Sculptra® Aesthetic and prepares you for in-depth hands-on training in the afternoon using multiple real, paying patients for these treatments.

Hands-on Clinical Training

Comprehensive training following didactic allows you to utilize and practice the consultation process, one-to-one guidance from an experienced instructor, and knowledge of the injection process for the best treatment outcomes for your patient.

Additionally, get to know how and why Sculptra® Aesthetic works by experiencing the treatment for yourself!

 Sculptra® Aesthetic Injection Course Sample Schedule

In addition to all of the above you will have access to: ALL models provided by National Laser Institute, CE/CME Credits, and education from our highly qualified injectors and instructors as well as colleagues and fellow physicians and nurses.

DAY 18:30am – 11:00amDidactic and Demo

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy including facial musculature as it pertains to Sculptra® Aesthetic injections
  • Management of complications
  • Advanced techniques using cannula off-label areas
  • Tissue anatomy, physiology, and diagnostic criteria to determine when and how to treat in a safe and effective manner
  • The mechanism of action, safety, efficacy, management, and treatment of complications, and comprehensive information on proper injection techniques and placement for the desired outcome for smile lines, marionette lines, and wrinkles around the chin, as well as cheeks, nose, and temples, as well as the hips and buttocks for lifting.
  • A comprehensive review of Sculptra® Aesthetic including cost, profit margins, and best practices for pricing
  • See a live demonstration of the most advanced Sculptra® Aesthetic injections sites
11:00am – 12:00pmLunch
12:00pm – 6:00pmHands-on Training

  • Review of the Sculptra® Aesthetic Techniques & Question & Answer
  • In-depth review of patient consultation and evaluation using real models
  • Hands-on utilizing anatomical skills and review of danger zones
  • Complication management
  • Utilization of consents, patient charting, and post care
  • Hands-On Sculptra® Aesthetic Clinical Training



Scottsdale, AZ
Jun 27
Jul 25
Aug 22
Dallas, TX
Jun 27
Jul 25
Aug 22
Chicago, IL
Jun 27
Jul 25
Aug 22




This advanced course features training in Sculptra® Aesthetic injection techniques for Registered Nurses (RN), Physicians (MD & DO), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physician Assistants (PA), Dentists (DDS & DMD), and other qualified health professionals who have taken a prior dermal filler training course at any institution or have dermal filler injection experience.

Why Sculptra?

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