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Senior Laser Technician Course


The Senior Laser Technician course will prepare you to be a Texas State Certified senior laser technician. This course is perfect for those interested in supervising laser apprentices and for those who want to teach or wish to continue on to become a qualified laser professional in the state of Texas.Attendees who complete this course will be qualified to supervise apprentices or eventually work as an instructor. After completing this program you are one step away from becoming a laser professional, where you will be able to oversee a laser hair removal facility.During the course, you will supervise between 1-3 apprentices in training within a luxury medical spa environment. Attendees will spend the entire day with their apprentices as they practice cosmetic laser treatments on clients.

Course Highlights:

      • Understand how to act in your role as senior laser technician

• Supervise and guide apprentices with your knowledge throughout their laser training experience

• Learn how to appropriately help new laser technicians

• On average, attendees complete supervising 100 treatments in 2-3 days.

Entry Requirements:

Only licensed certified laser technicians in the state of Texas can enroll for this type of laser training course.

To learn more about our senior laser technician course or National Laser Institute, please call 800.982.6817.

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