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Abigail W.

The hands on portion of the class was very informative and prepared me for working in the laser industry individually. It made me feel confident to go work in the field immediately after graduation. I thoroughly enjoyed working on a wide variety of clients and seeing first hand the difference in pain tolerances etc.  All of the classes prepared me to skin type all of the Fitzpatrick skin types, which is vital in this industry to prevent harming future clients. I would definitely recommend National Laser Institute to anyone who wants to thoroughly learn everything there is to know about the laser industry, in addition to being in a significantly positive, hands on, learning environment. I loved Evee and Shanna!! They were the most warm and welcoming instructors. They insured that every day a great day, as well as explaining the most thoroughly on any specific questions asked. They are always the sweetest and happiest instructors and ensured that every student was comfortable and well informed. They genuinely made my experience at National Laser Institute significantly better by always being the people that I could comfortably go to with any questions or confusion on a wide variety subjects, even if I was not in their class that particular day. They always made time for every student including during any personal time or breaks we had. I’m truly thankful that they were part of my experience during school.