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The first 3 days of online program was super interesting, busy. It was great! It’s so beautiful and stylish place! Very cool decorating. Everybody from NLI been so nice and friendly! I was going to classes with pleasure! It is very interesting course! I love all the opportunities with different machines we can try and learn. The program is very interesting and knowledgeable. I learn a lot! And very comfortable now to go start looking for a job. Omg , all the instructors are awesome! They were so helpful, super professional and very nice to each of us! Kristin , Veronica & Shelley is my personal favorite! Kristin is super professional, sweet and her classes is very interesting, I learned a lot! Veronica is very good explaining everything, teaching us step by step,make sure that we all understand. Very happy with our instructors! Breann is also was very nice and helpful. All of them is amazing! Thank you for such an great instructors!