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Alona R.

Online didactic was a great overview of skin histology, physics of laser, what lasers target, and important keywords, such great details and laser safety too. I think the didactic was comprehensive enough to set me up to feel confident on day 1 of the hands-on. The BEST part of course — loved how the models were comfortable with having all of us students surround them and practice and watch. The LHR, IPL, 1540, tattoo removal, and micro needling were my favorites, I fell in love with all of those modalities.  Overall the hands-on segment was so much fun, I wish I could do more! Every single instructor was amazing and memorable in their own way. Erin S. was extremely thorough, calm, easygoing. Jamie F. is a joy and makes everyone feel comfortable, she makes learning so much fun and puts our nerves at ease. Melissa is this adorable little barbie doll with tons of knowledge and helpful tips. Kristin is compassionate and inspiring, I told her she would get sick of my group at the end (we had the privilege of being with her 4 times). Shelley — can I be your best friend? Her expertise and enthusiasm for tattoo removal is magnetic. Brittany is like your own personal cheerleader, she’s hilarious and encouraging. Jamie K. is so sweet and made a treatment I was intimidated by (micro needling) into something exciting and easily accomplished, I wish I had the full day with her. So I literally loved 100% of the instructors my group had, they seem to love their job and truly enjoy teaching and it inspired me to want to be an instructor one day!