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Betha Walker

I am very impressed with the 2 week comprehensive course. The knowledge from all the instructors was very helpful. They were amazing and very personable. Although there were several miscommunications in the booking of clients, I don’t feel the clients were informed as well as needed for the treatments, but overall went well for the amount of clients that were seen. Due to such large class size, not as much hands-on as anticipated. The last day was hectic, as far as so many different directions given and was told we would have more time to get ready for graduation. I was not prepared in the way I would have liked to been. Those things are minute compared to the overall experience. I was impressed with the safety and the CPR class was great.

I loved the energy from the instructors and I have met some amazing people that will be lifelong friends! A truely amazing experience for me. I’m so happy I made the decision to attend NLI.