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Crystal B.

The didactic was very beneficial. Really helpful to know this before we started with the lasers. Loved the hand on segment the most. I learn better that way. Angela was amazing. I loved her. She was very knowledgeable. Loved that she was to the point. Didn’t sugar coat anything but still very professional and respectful. Miss Monica was my favorite. She has so much wisdom and passion. Her heart and kindness radiates in everything she does. She brings so much peace and love to the profession. Bianca is the best! Omgsh she is so much fun. And she taught me so much. Love her teaching style. She’s very infectious and made the day go quickly. Took a lot away from her. Shanna is the sweetest. She also has a lot of passion and it showed in the way she instructed and dealt with the clients.
Cassie was so much fun. She taught us alot. I took away a lot from her technique. Ali was cool. She put us right in which I really liked. Corrected us when needed. They talked about the lasers we were using. Asked if we had any questions and answered them. Went back over what we learned.