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Ginger J.

The in person didactic was beyond phenomenal. All of the teachers we had were amazing at teaching & we had a lot of great times as well as a lot of memories made. Bree, Sandra, Cassidy, Evee, Monica, Courtney, Angela were the teachers I had and Tey were outstanding they all deserve a raise lol. As for the online I feel like I really only learned the first three days. I had amazing teachers I felt like I learned a lot during hands on, and that they were able to help me improve immensely on techniques. every teacher I had was beyond phenomenal I had Bree, Sandra, Cassidy, Evee, Cassidy, Monica, Courtney, and Angela. My group had so much fun and had so many laughs with all of them 😊 They managed downtime fantastically, anytime we had downtime we would practice on each other to become the best