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Jessica R.

Classroom zoom meetings were easy the first day was rough due to time change and the times got confused but that being the only hiccup it was great! Hands on was a blast! I was a little nervous at first but once we got to actually use the lasers and be hands on it was easy how ever the photofacial I wish we had two days of it because I feel like one day isn’t enough to grasp the science of it or even doing the procedure on someone was a little intimidating. SHANA! She was so great we actually got lucky and had her like 4 days in a row she was so awesome taught us one on one which is how I learn best. She was so easy to get along with and just a over all amazing person! LEXI she was fantastic I loved learning microneedling from her. REGINA she was great we had her for quantum and she was patient with us and all our questions and she was fun to learn from. During downtime they would have us practice on one another or we’d go around the room and ask questions we never really had any down time because our group was always either working in a client one another or asking questions.