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Kelly Varga Johnson

I really had a great time and was so impressed with the entire course that I will highly recommend it to everyone. From my administrator (Mark) to my trainers (Sam, Jan, Shana, Laura, Mike, Terry, Terra, Brooke, Shelley, and Monica) to the receptionists, everyone was so friendly and accommodating.

What impressed me the most is how everyone truly wants the students to be a success. I was also impressed with how hands on you are as well. Not very often do you see that. Each and every trainer was so personable and let us know that they are there to answer any questions via e-mail if needed. This was also remarkable because it shows their commitment to their students. Everyone was so happy and bubbly and showed how much they enjoyed working in this field and how much respect they had for this school. I also was one of the girls that stayed in the house. I stayed in the master bedroom and enjoyed my stay there. The house was way beyond my expectations! Your motto of “never give up and you will be a success” will stay with me, as I believe them to be true. Once again, thank you.