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LaNeisha Peterkin

WOW!!!! My experience at NLI was one of the greatest in my life. I learned so much and even after going through esthetics school I got a better understanding of the Fitz Patrick’s. I can now Fitz comfortably and with confidence. The staff and instructors were so nice and willing to help us understand. I’m appreciative to all for the help. I met some wonderful people who I have kept in touch with. I lost my grandfather during my time at NLI and his funeral was the last Saturday I was in school so I missed it. But I know my grandpa would have wanted me to stay and finish. I know he’s proud of me. So graduation day I cried my eyes out. It was a bitter sweet moment for me, and I did make it to California to my grandpas gravesite. Thanks for and awesome experience. Meeting Louis was GREAT.