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A few years ago I started to noticed a change in my skin and started seeing an aesthetician. A simple laser treatment lead me into a passion I never knew I had. I asked her about aesthetics schools and she recommend by passing aesthetics school and going straight to National Laser Institute and nowhere else. Just as luck would have it, I was getting ready to move to Arizona where head quarters are located. I said to myself “okay I have to check this place out now!”   (However, NLI has several training facilities over the US)

The first thing I did was attend a Skin Scene Party. It was the best thing I could have done. Not only did I learn about the industry that I wanted to enter so badly, it was fun. There were so many generous prizes given to the crowd by the CEO and Founder! I was SOLD! I signed up that night!

A few weeks later I started the night class. I attended Monday – Friday 6-10 for 6 weeks. (However, you can go as little as 2 weeks FT). It was so much fun that I literally cried when it was over. I learned SO much and I feel so confident firing a laser and more importantly knowing when not to.

The instructors are the most amazing people in the industry. Louis, The CEO and Founder has found the best of the best to teach their specialty. They are all very knowledgeable, patient, kind, FUN, and make all the information easy to take in.

Here I am less than two months later and I have landed a laser job!  And no, I am not an esthetician or RN. I am a LT (Laser Tech)! I am making really good money with benefits! Your dream job is waiting! If I can do it, you can too!

I stay in contact with my instructors and they are always there for anything I need!

I also have to say something about Louis Silberman, the CEO and Founder. What a truly genuine man! He is not your typical CEO that hides behind a desk. He is there often checking on all his students and making sure they are learning, happy, and pleased. He is very down to earth and truly cares for each and every student, employee, and client. There is no place like NLI and it’s all because of Louis Silberman.