Posts: Medical Professionals

  • Mary Jane Garcia, PA/NP

    NLI made me feel very comfortable. Great instructors. All of my doubts are gone thanks to NLI!

  • Maha Tomas, MD

    Was a great experience, wish I could’ve had more hands-on but overall really good.

  • Stefanie Roberts, PA/NP

    Everything was so awesome! I learned so much!

  • Peyton Davis, RN

    My experience here has been amazing. The instructors were very patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I learned so many… Read more »

  • John Conrad, MD

    The lectures and patient hands-on were a lot of fun and such a great learning experience with your… Read more »

  • Jennifer Cagle, PA/NP

    The entire experience was well orchestrated and professional. You can’t help but learn techniques and perform them with… Read more »

  • Jennifer Schmidt, RN

    I had a fantastic weekend! I feel confident in my skills and learned so much!

  • Leticia Corona, RN

    NLI gave me the hands-on training I needed to feel comfortable to start working as an injector. Amazing… Read more »

  • Natalie Fernin, RN

    Lovely instructors who want you to succeed. I would come back multiple times.

  • Anonymous

    Dr.Treen was very knowledgeable and informative. I loved my experience here.