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Melissa F.

Great and useful information that I was able to understand without difficulty! The instructors were very personable on their own take of the learning process! Professional environment with great quality training! It was THE BEST learning experience! Fun and exciting environment along with amazing leaders and instructors! I really loved all of them!!!! It’s very bittersweet for me to say today I graduate as I have had a great time and has felt like not only have I been able to learn but also build understanding and respect for this industry! I love Bianca very much and felt very much aligned with her teaching and personality! I love love Angela!!! She’s so sweet and allowed us to gain confidence! Ali is the best! Love her energy and teaching technique! Mrs Monica was STELLAR!! I am incredibly thankful honestly for every single person that has been a part of this learning experience! Passed more information and had great conversations to help us better understand our career paths or choices! It felt like team building for our group.