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Nahrain A.

So much fun! I LOVED every single day of class! Amazing! I’m actually happy we got hands on training with every single machine! They were ALL amazing! I loved them all to be honest they each had something that made them stand out to me ( Brittany – funny! And her laugh omg amazing! Breann – also funny really cool and down to earth! Shelley – super energetic made you super excited about tattoo removal, took my tattoo off that had a horrible memory of my ex cheating on me with my best friend. Rumur – so sweet/cute/friendly had sooooooo much fun learning about laser and the tiktoks she did with us at the end will always be a memory I can cherish forever! Jamie – superrrrr fun!! She’s so chill made class experience very comforting did not feel nervous what so ever with her! All the ladies are amazing you guys really picked the BEST instructors to teach us and I really will miss all of them! We would perform the services on each other to give us more hands on experience. Some of us threw quiz questions at us to help us study for the test which was good it helped me pass!