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Philip Kenjorski

Loved that there was unlimited coffee and tea. Stacy introduced me to NLI. Samantha was detail oriented. Erin is awesome. Shelley, Crystal, and Laurie were easy going and sweet. Kellie related to me so well. I have a lot of learning and great connections with Kellie when it came to lasers. Debbie was great, she pushed me to learn how to do radio-frequency including ematrix and 1540. I liked that Kristin showed me about the settings of the Fitz scale and encouraged me to use the laser and light techniques. Everyone was awesome, caring, loving, and had strong teaching skills. Love it! No regrets! Love Elly and Laurie. Jamie really showed me and gave me the resources to keep my career, as I am at my job as an esthetician for Haircutters In The Park! Lasers seems to be the best fit for me, so more than likely I want to become a laser technician.