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Sierra Hart

My experience at NLI went above and beyond all expectations! I have been a full time student for the last 4 years with college and trade school. NLI has been my favorite involvement with an educational environment. From interacting with the teachers to the didactic lecturing to clinical training – everything has been amazing! It’s clear how much the staff and Louis care about building the foundation for the students future careers. All the necessary tools are given to us to help with our resume and job placement after graduation. Now about the lasers – NLI made sure to give all students thorough training on many different forms and brands of lasers to ensure students have a good understanding on all the machines that we are likely to encounter in the real world. I plan on coming back to NLI for the injectable class after I finish nursing school. Thank you to all the instructors and Louis for making this experience possible for myself and all the other students.