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Tayler B.

I did the didactic portion of the course on Zoom and initially I was worried I would not be able to retain the information as well but Kelley, Eve and Jamie were absolutely amazing at explaining the ins and out of the lasers and how they work. They answered any questions that the class had and always made sure that everyone was understanding the material. I absolutely LOVED the clinical hands-on part of the course. I really enjoyed getting to work with different lasers that performed the same treatments. I loved that from day 1 of clinical we were taking on clients and performing the services from start to finish. I like how the 1st hour of each day was didactic over the modality we were using for the day. The instructions were AMAZING I loved everyone and wish I could stay and work with all of them. They were so smart, helpful, informative and all around amazing people! played games to help us study for the exams. Talk to us about what to expect in the real world how to navigate different situations we might encounter.