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Thea Van Der Westhuizen

Coming from South Africa it was a major adjustment, concerning students, instructors and front desk people, even clients all were so different. It took me two days to settle in with the American culture and I could start relaxing.

The information and educational training were absolutely outstanding. The environment is very professional within the training set up, I loved it! From the front desk, to the classrooms, restrooms and kitchen.

I have learned so much about lasers, different hand pieces, energy, wavelengths and depths. I realize this industry is for people that are very educated in this field, especially knowing skin types. Although there is so much more to learn and to practice with lasers, I really feel confident in what I have learned to take the next step. Being a responsible person will be a key in this industry for me.

It was worth my trip, If I had to do it again, I would!