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Tiffani M.

The course curriculum was thoroughly covered and Loved all the ladies that taught! Everyone delivered the course with spunky personalities and professionalism. In person was even better!! Every last in story had their own delivery of how they taught. Very understandable and completely fun! Love all of you! Omgosh that is a hard one to say!! First its Ms Shanna was away a gem sweet as apple pie! Ms Evee (gurl you are hilarious) keep that personality…Ms Sandra clear and precise (momma) Ms Angela kind and sweet…My big baby “Bri” absolutely knowledgeable and extremely so much fun to learn from you…Ms Courtney funny girl you teaches very well…and Zeek such a cool dude…manages well and very kindhearted… Louis picked the right one for the management position. Ms Cassie your such a sweetie pie…thanks for the music.