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Zellie O.

I just completed the Comprehensive Laser Course at NLI in Scottsdale Arizona and I am so excited! The course far exceeded my expectations in every way. I already knew that I would be attending the most respected school in the industry, but after completing the course I now know why National Laser Institute has that reputation. The reason is Louis SIlberman! Everything about Louis is first class. Everything from his catered Skin Scene Events, to the equipment the students and staff have access to, to the exceptional staff he employs. From the moment you meet Louis you are inspired by his energy and out going personality. He is genuine and cares about every student. He is personally involved and makes it a point to meet each and every student at each and every campus every time a new class starts. You can count on Louis to be there if they need anything. His positive energy and motivational atmosphere is felt throughout the NLI campus. His standards are extremely high and his instructors are a reflection of that. They are the absolute best! The energy at NLI is so infectious that I could not wait to attend my evening class each night after a long hard day at work. If you want a first class education, I can tell you this is the place to come. Every instructor made sure we were comfortable with the information we learned in the classroom and the clinical floor. I feel extremely confident in my skills because of the very small class size that allowed the instructors to focus on each student. The instructors are approachable and they welcomed any and all questions. We not only had fun in class, we experienced real life interactions with clients. We learned about products, micro needling, teeth whitening and so much more. In addition to all the above we were able to get treatments on ourselves. The instructors made that possible for us by helping us plan our treatments from the beginning of the course. Thank you everyone at NLI. Thank you to the instructors for caring and being so amazing and supportive. Thank you to the staff at the front desk and an extra special thank you to Louis. Thank you so much for creating NLI and truly caring about every student, client and employee that walk through the NLI doors and for making my dream a reality!